The curse has been lifted, or Gorge trip #4

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    My buddy Steve and I headed east to the Dalles area for some SMB action. My buddy Steve has fished this particular lake multiple times with no luck what so ever. He swears there are no fish in this lake. We got on the water around 11:30. There was a slight chop on the water, and the water temperature was 66 degrees. I caught a couple of 9" - 11" SMB using an artic fox bullethead streamer on a sink tip line. Things were going fairly slow when I heard Steve say "fish on". I stopped fishing and kicked my pontoon over to Steve so I could photograph this glorious moment. Steve landed his SMB, but did not want me to take a photo because it was a small fish. I told him I needed the photo to make his catch official. I am picking on Steve a bit, but I get just as much attitude from him. was Steve's idea to fish this lake. He was not about to let this lake get the better of him.
    Steve with his long overdue first bass from Spearfish.

    This turned out to be the only fish for Steve. I was a little luckier, and managed to catch eight fish in three hours. Most of the bass were in the 9" to 11" range. I did manage to land a 14" SMB and an 18" SMB. I did try throwing a diver for a bit. I had 4 strikes, but missed the hook-up on all four. Steve and I decided to have lunch in town. Afterwards, we would try another lake.
    I do love the coloring on this SMB

    After lunch, we headed west to Rowland Lake (north). The wind was blowing a little harder here than at the previous lake. We both headed towards Hwy 14 with hopes of escaping the worse of the wind. Steve caught a crappie right off the bat. I managed to catch 4 small LMB as well as a 10" SMB. I was a bit surprised to catch a smallie on this water. I am not sure how it got in there. My guess is someone probably threw it in there. I did manage to catch a small LMB on a popper. The water temperature was 72 degrees, but it was obviously an off day for catching them on top. We did leave the lake earlier than expected. It may have picked up towards sundown if we had stayed. We will be back to try it again next month.


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    You did better than I did, I fished Rowland on Saturday and didn't get a bite.

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