The Earth Is Bleeding...

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  1. Hopefully this thread will get a lot of us thinking if nothinig else I'm totaly unninformed an'd need to change that but this helps me get going and that 's agood start, i hope others feel the same way and that we can get started fxiing the problem. Waiting untill people get envolved because the problems invo'lve their lives before getting involved is waiti'ng too long.
  2. Actually, given your nearly unreadable syntax, a response to is not required.
  3. "DryFlyLarry please cite your reference for 1,000,000 deaths the World Health Organization says 56 died directly and estimates another 4,000 will die from the exposure of the 600,000 exposed to high levels of radiation, 4th paragraph. Again please cite your reference showing 1,000,000 died from Chernobyl. We do have a common agreement that many people were affected by it and have lower quality of life though and nuclear has a LOT of risk for it's benefits. It is worth noting that France gets around 80% of it's power from nuclear reactors with it's worst incident I've found involving no watering crops or drinking from a river for 2 weeks. The United Soviet Socialist Republic was on it's deathbed as reactor number 4 was being built which probably had an effect on why it happened and was so bad. All in all nuclear power does have a better track record of health and safety for total use compared to other major power sources."

    FE427TP-----Well, here's my reference, but I haven't read it yet. Perhaps you might pick up a copy for your library also. The book challenges the World Health Organizations statistics.
  4. Here ya go !!
  5. Crap, the Earth is still bleeding
  6. Wow information from the "Center for Russian Environmental Policy" and the "Institute of Radiation Safety" I'm sure there is no bias from those sources, maybe to maintain the same fair balance we should ask BP how bad their oil slick is next?

    Lets see the main Author is Alexey V. Yablokov (various translations of the spelling show up on Google, but they all trace to the same organizations) a man who is a member of the Center for Russian Environmental Policy and who organized and established Green Russia, I wonder what's in Green Russia's mission statement Google can translate it to HTML but look at that, they believe that people should have equal economic rights and social justice. You know Economic justice as in no person should make more money than anyone else. Isn't that nice? Oh look they also want "a new political and economic system that would equitably take into account environmental and social issues and interests at regional, national and global levels." I hope you like our fishing regulations along with pay, social interests and environmental management policies to be set at the global level by a new political system per their mission statement. They directly state they want a total ban on nuclear power, no bias made it into the book though I'm sure. He also signed onto a letter encouraging churches to use their force over their parish to sway their opinion.

    So the main Author is a Socialist who wants power over most facets of our every day lives, encourages pastors to manipulate their congregations, hates nuclear power and wants a total ban of it. I'm going to go ahead and doubt his statistics, my gut tells me the WHO statistics are too low so they probably fall somewhere in the middle of the two camps at either extreme. It's probably also a fairly safe bet that considering the lack of credibility that arises from his association with extremist beliefs that he took any death that could possibly be attributed to radiation and included it whether it actually was or not since his statistics are from everyone that could have been exposed in the entire northern hemisphere.
  7. Uh,.....I think Larry was originally just say'n that things are getting bad. God please forgive us for not taking better care of this beautiful planet.
  8. There sure seems to be a lot of haste to destroy our planet and a lot of efforts to deny it.... It's always too late when a spill, or in this case, a gusher as Ive puts it, occurs. The only real cure is "prevention", period. There is now going to be a scab on the earth for a very long long time.
  9. Fred, and FE234 or what ever the fuk your name is...

    Liberal, Republican, Socialist, Capitalist...irrelevent when we will have such a sick planet that nothing will be able to be "cleaned up" enough to prevent a healthy environment to support life.

    It is not a problem humans will be able to blame, buy or bury away.

    We need to evolve or we will get eliminated...that means evolve our thinking, (i.e. our entitlement issues) that means evolve our habits.

    It might not happen in your lifetime (and I know that is all that matters, right?) but it will happen. And then guess what?

    We are all hosed.

    If you can't see that, well, then...nobody can help you.


    (bring it)
  10. I'm as dismayed as the next guy to see daily images of a mile-deep pipe puking crude while everyone points fingers at each other. But after reading this thread, I've got two thoughts to offer.

    1. It's tempting to paint BP (or Exxon, or Chevron, etc) as the root cause of this and other oil-related disasters. But the fact is that the real culprit is every one of us who drives a gasoline-powered vehicle, who buys or consumes products that arrive in our markets by trucks, rail or freighters powered by fossil fuel, who heats their home with oil, coal or natural gas, or who expects the lights to come on whenever we flip a switch. The BPs, Exxons and Chevrons of the world would not exist without our insatiable demand.

    2. It's likewise easy to bash the oil companies for their huge profits. However, each of those companies is publicly traded - owned by shareholders who regard those very profits as a primary reason they bought the stock in the first place. Profits that aren't plowed back into operations and exploration are returned to the shareholders as dividends or in the form of an increased share price. As a small investor myself I've never met anyone who wants the company they've bought shares in to generate 'smaller' profits. The bigger the profit, the higher the return on investment. Remember Gordon "Greed is good" Gekko? Now look around.

    The next time you read, see or hear another news story about the Gulf oil disaster, just remember that we all play a part in the problem and we each deserve a share of the blame.

  11. As always Kent, you offer sound and calm advice. You're absolutely right on this one.
  12. Kent, 100% on target !!
  13. Damnit Kent, you're no fun at all :thumb:
  14. Like I said It's still gushing
  15. Here's way to clean it up, which if valid, seems like a no brainer. Still gotta cap the gusher though.

  16. Huh, that vid looks almost exactly like the one I posted back on the second page. Nobody cares about cleaning up. They all want to bitch about what happened.

  17. Out on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I remember there being stashes of hay bales along the West Coast Trail specifically for this use should a spill occur in a remote area.
  18. Hey Kent, those "chicken little" bums Harry S. Dent, Richard Russell, and Robert Prechter all are saying that you should go to cash ASAP before the next big leg down. This summer is going to be one hell of a rocky road for the markets. If there ever was a May "to go away in," this is it!. There is a convergence of several negatory forces and "down cycles" happening, and we are teetering on the brink of World Depression.
    I don't believe a word any politicians or talking heads say. They all lie every time they move their lips while they're kicking the can down the road. Recovery.... reschmuvery!
    Things don't look good at all to me, either. Just sayin....
    But don't worry, the markets should start to recover as soon as Nov 2012, or maybe Fall 2014.
    I'm not kidding, but I really hope I'm wrong.
    You might want to hold onto any high divvy Gas & Oil Pipeline Limited Partnerships, though, since you can count on American drivers to keep driving and also people with gas appliances will have to keep buying nat'l gas and propane. Hank Hill would agree with me.(" E-yup!") Those are "buy and hold" type of stocks, anyway. (full disclosure: I don't own any at this point in time).

  19. THAT'S more of the type of innovation we need to see in this. The shrimpers would jump all over the opportunity to help just for the cost of fuel and repairs to their equipment with a lot probably volunteering their time because it means the protection of their work. This would greatly cut down on cleanup costs allowing a more thorough cleanup for the money. Sadly though my fear is that as long as the White House has people in charge that this is going to being used for all it is worth to nationalize another industry.

    I'd think they should try to pool it together well offshore and burn it there instead of dragging more crude oil on shore :beathead:

    Another problem is while there is a slick on the surface there are also layers of oil at various levels under the surface and it looks like as I had guessed in an earlier post the bacteria and such being used to disperse the oil underwater had a bad side effect and are also consuming oxygen in the water... What a clusterf&%* :(
  20. Yikes! Another 'sky is falling' doomsday prediction! Well Jimbo, you ain't got a thing on Jim Kunstler at ClusterfuckNation. Check out this rant: Before you get too exercised about the coming bear, consider that the entire GDP of Greece is a little smaller than that of Dallas-Ft. Worth. My fearless prediction: we'll all still be making money in equities this fall!

    But . . . except for small positions in AAPL, CSTR and NFLX (and each with a regularly-updated stop loss buy), I'm about 65% cash right now!


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