The fish gods are punishing me...

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  1. I haven't touch my fly gear in a several months, I also haven’t posted on this forum in a long time. it’s a travesty, I know. But those months between October and February are devoted to our feathered friends in the sky. I’m Going out to chase the non-existent steelhead in a few weeks and I started tying up some flies. Got about 10 flies into my groove and BAM! One of the jaws in the old Renzetti snapped. I was more surprised than anything. I honestly didn’t swear and my dog was there to vouch for me. Any of you guys ever have this happen? The Jaws are off to Renzetti for replacements and I was fortunate enough to know someone who had a set that would fit my vice.

  2. Holy crap, sorry guys that pic is huge!! is there an option to upload a smaller version!?
  3. Us old guys appreciate the large print Readers Digest version. We can see right where the break occurred. Looks like a flawed casting.
  4. Very, very common on Renzetti vises.
  5. i just bought the newest all black renzetti traveler 2300 to replace an original 1980s traveler. i guess i'd better keep the old jaws nearby. ;)

    however i dont expect any problems with the new one.
  6. Interesting that you say that cause from what I've researched it's not a super popular thing to happen.... regardless, renzetti is replacing it. I've heard of the very tip of the jaws breaking but not many breaking at the screw hole.

    Edit - I stand corrected, Looks like it was an issue with some early generation vises afterall... Crow eatn'
  7. I bought one lightly used from the classifieds. Vice looked brand new, in original box and everything. Within 5 flies the same thing happened. And renzetti gave me a hard time about replacing them as a manufacturing defect.
  8. Bummer! They were really nice to me and I didn't have any issues. How long ago was this?
  9. About a year ago
  10. This sort of thing never happens unless you piss of the fly tying gods.

    Never. Absolutely never.

    :eek: :D

    Over the years, I've heard it is common for that model of vise. If Renz is replacing the jaws free of charge... no harm, no foul.
  11. good idea
  12. Buy a Peak and crank it down to create your own diamonds.
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