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Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by Chris Scoones, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    I've finished configuring the site / gallery to handle video. It works but unfortunately using the current gallery version you need to download the entire video before viewing it. That'll change shortly as a new version is coming out to enhance the video playback.

    Note, the site has jumped to more than 7 Gigs of bandwidth in two days. Due to this, I'm limiting the overall usage of the gallery to those who are registered / signed on.

    Supported video formats are .mpeg, .mpg, .avi, .asf, .wmv & .mov. 20 Mb max. Exceptions to the size limit will be made but you should contact me first to review it. Requests for additional video formats should be sent to me via the forums contact link.

    Maybe I'll budget a video camera now. Hopefully some of you that have been using yours for some time will have something to add.


  2. Flip The dumb kid

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    sweeeet. perhaps a video of an epic battle lost at the last minute? could be cool ptyd
  3. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    I am computer illiterate, therefore have no clue as to sizes, is 20 Mb per video or total?
  4. coonrad New Member

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    Very cool! Thanks Chris. I just gave it a shot and uploaded some footie...

  5. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Thanks for all your diligence on the evolution of this site. It just keeps getting better and better. I Don't know how I would make it through work without my fish porn :D
    Maybe Ryan will throw a Patagonia teaser up for us…If not can’t wait to buy it :thumb:

  6. worldanglr Member

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    Maybe if you ask me nice :) The compressed version just isn't the same though...
  7. Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

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    Pleeeeeezzzzzzeeee!! Ask chris it this could be an expection, and compress it to like 50 megs. U could always take it off if u need to. I assume he can grant you additional storage for the moive. If you make it a small size you should be albe to preserve some measure of qauilty and still make it fairly long Coorads movie turned out sweet, it was nice qauility and not to big of a file.

  8. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Hook up your peeps...Por Favor :D
  9. worldanglr Member

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    There ya go boys, sorry that's the smallest I could get it without seriously comprimising the video and audio quality, but it's good for a fish-porn fix. Enjoy!
  10. Monk Redneck

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    damn nice! kudos! looks like a great trip! ptyd