The Girl with the Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt

Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by wadin' boot, Nov 14, 2008.

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    I like unicorns, did I ever tell you guys about my favorite super secret fishing spot...
  2. Gary C. Brown Les Paul Lover

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    Another great read 'Boot.
  3. Ryan Higgins Active Member

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    Very awesome! Now only if you had illustrated her for us!
  4. GAT Active Member

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    Mighty good. Mighty good. Loved it.
  5. Steffan Brown ...

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    So good... That was very legit Boot!!
  6. Steve Bird Member

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    The hoodie with the wolf picture? Man I have that same wolf picture, only it's on a black T-shirt. Favorite. I cut the sleeves off of it and that made it nicer. Had it for years and it's starting to get pretty ratty so I save it for those occasions it might work its mojo to best affect.

    Compelling prose. Thanks.
  7. yuhina Tropical member

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    such a wonderful story! Michael...
    reread it and still feel awesome about it! : )