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  1. I've been fishing various beaches in the central sound from my small boat this week. My preferred method is to troll flies right along the shore of drift along and cast right to shore and strip back...unless there are guys fishing from the beach and then I move out of buzz bomb/fly casting range to both give them some space but also to avoid confrontation. 90+% of the salmon I've caught on a fly in Puget Sound have come from 12 feet or less of water, regardless if I am casting and retrieving or trolling flies, so in my mind I want to be as close to shore as possible. While beach fishermen... generally gear guys, but also some fly fishermen... seem to want to throw lures out as far as they can. Human nature to always want what other's have I guess....
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  2. The fish are always 1 foot farther out than you can cast! Didn't you know that??? ;)
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  3. Ditto-
    Double down on that.... from my yak I usually stay in 15ft or less.... even so, I end up with rockfish and all sorts of stuff from Davy Jones' locker. See the quillback from Possession Point. I've only hooked {not landed} chinook from deeper waters. Like Stonefish says.... you got to weave in and out of the buzzbombs.

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  4. There was a guy this morning trolling less than 100ft from shore. There were a few guys that I thought were going to put a buzzbomb in his boat.
  5. The last two silvers I've caught have been hooked ten feet from the beach
    In maybe a foot in a half of water
    Both in the shade and in the middle of the day

    And yet when I'm standing on the beach I fling it as far as possible
    You gotta figure your presence is a factor
    So when I'm in my 17 foot stripping basket I push the inside fish up on the beach

    Have fun out there
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  6. Benn, how's the fishing been with this method? Next week I'm going to spend 2-3 days doing some salmon fishing and was thinking of fishing this style along some north central beaches that I've seen lots of Salmon activity in past runs.

  7. It has been working well for me this past week. I've boated resident silvers each day and the action has been pretty consistent. I usually troll big shock and awe's in pink and white with a bead and a Gamakatsu #2 or #4 finesse wide gap hook trailing about a half inch behind the back of the fly. A lot of coho will follow the fly and grab it directly from behind and they tend to be get well hooked with this method. Although on Friday for fun I put on a big popper and trolled it right behind the prop wash. I did not hook up with any, but it was fun watching coho come up behind and slash at the popper.

    My experience is that you can catch them on just about anything.
    The trick is finding fish and you have to be willing to move. I have 4 or 5 spots in the Central Sound I hit pretty regularly year after year in the late summer. Some work best on an incoming tide, some on an outgoing tide. Usually spots that had activity one year are good the next as they tend to hold bait and all coho want to do now is eat.

    If you are going to be out a few days, it is worth taking a drive around to scout and see if you can find any fish. It is usually pretty easy to spot coho along the beaches as they are actively bashing bait, rolling and jumping along the shore. During the day. I hang off the beaches in 20 to 40 feet and see if I can mark any fish on my depth finder, assuming these fish will move in to feed in the morning and evening. Then go back and hit these places. If you make a couple passes with no hook ups or bumps, move on.
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