The Great Pontoon Picture thread!!!!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by jcalderon, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Here is mine. I just made a floor for it but have not taken any photos of it installed.
  2. Fjordfish and Dirk, those are both really nice looking boats; some of the best that I have seen.
  3. Sixfinger, that thing looks awesome.
  4. I would love to see a picture of the floor when you are done.:)
  5. Calderonics 101
  6. iagree very nice!

  7. Steaks grillin on the magna.

    This is my boat i got from Great White Hunters. He is outta Washington and makes the coolest custom cats available. If you can dream it he can make it.

    Mine a 16footer and has a walk around rowers seat and a mp3 playing stereo/cooler. he is making me a cargo module and a poling module for the carp flats.
  8. mobbin' down the river,thats nasty Jay!!
  9. That's the boat I want.
  10. That grill is killing me, that is awesome. I dont understand how you guys take those rapids and crap in those things. Then again i have never been on a river in a boat like that.
  11. nice rods
  12. lochsa?
  13. Outcast 9'----I ran it thru the "Oxbow" on the Hoh 4 years ago when I was a young 55. Of course I prayed first. Not sure I would do it again...
  14. The Slough Buggy, it's great for hauling my cooler 'round the flats.
    The rest of the time it's floating rivers and cruising for bass and trouts on the local ponds.
  15. Yep. That's Lochsa Falls at 4.5' on the bridge.
  16. That hinged seat for access to the cooler looks very familiar! You still working with Sos?
  17. Sos isnt doing boats for the time being as he is too busy on government contracts so he is sending me his work and I work with his frame builder with our own little design changes
  18. Outcast PAC 1200. Super light, hangs in garage ceiling upside down on rack, fits in the back of my pickup, can launch and take out at bridges, with little or no ramp.

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