The Green Hornet

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  1. Sometimes the most productive creations come completely by accident. Spending nine years at Tunkwa Lake gave me lots of time to study chironomids and come up with creations from those naturals I observed.

    I also spent a lot of time observing the throat/stomach contents of fish at the cleaning station and it didn't take long to realize there was one particular natural that showed up there repeatedly. On first inspection it looked like your run of the mill black chironomid pupa but after holding the samples up to the sun I realized my mistake. The naturals were actually black olive. So I went about trying to come up with a representative of that pupa. Along the way I developed the Green Hornet which turned out to be an unbelievable pattern for most lakes in the Kamloops region, especially Roche Lake.

    I like to tie this pattern on a Diiachi 1760 (or AJ Covert hook) and I stock the stores I deal with sizes 16, 14, 12 and 10. The body is 6960 flashabou, black dyed over pearl and prefer to wait until Wapsi messes up their dye lot and puts too much black dye in. The rib is Hareline Hollow Tubing and the key to the fly is UTC 70 rust thread as an underbody and collar. Enjoy....

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  2. Great looking pattern. Looking at your picture, I like how the colors change based on the angle of the fly.
    Nine years at Tunkwa must have been fun. That is were I first fished chironomids. Super fun lake to fish.
    Thanks for sharing your pattern.
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  3. I love seeing these cool "new to me" patterns. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  4. They are looking awesome John.
    Like also the white bead.
  5. It's been a couple years since I worked on tying any "new (to me, anyway)" chironomid patterns. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Great looking set of mids....the bad news now is I have got to stock my fly box with another secret color... :)
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  7. Dude.... if I had any idea what I was getting into with this whole chromie thing. :confused: :D

    It seems like every time I'm halfway through a tie, I start thinking, "Oh man... I know what would be cool for the next one!"
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  8. Very nice flies!
    They look like they're coated. Is it Hard as Nails or just head cement?

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