The Hare'e Stone Tutorial Video

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  1. I designed this fly for big stonefly patterns. Very buggy looking underwater. After fishing it for a season, the results has earned it a permanent spot in my fly box. It has very few components and fairly easy to tie.

    TIP: You can increase the turnout rate of flies considerably by make dubbing brushes of the desired colored dubbing. Also the silicone legs tend to fall out from time to time as your creating the dubbing loop, making the brushes will curb this and you will spend less time cleaning up the dubbing that fell to the bench.
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  2. Nice. I tie something very similar and it has produced some nice steel.
  3. Good quality instruction and video quality. I love that you say twenty five thousandths vs point zero two five lead, arare accuracy in decimal pronunciation these days. At the top of the fly, why did you make a new dubbing loop vs just doing a quick spin/twist dub?
  4. I'm assuming you mean a standard pinch and twist dubbing technique. I wanted to continue with the dubbing loop technique to keep the shaggy buggy appearance. When using Hare'e Dub, the dubbing loop gives the best result compared to a pinch and twist which traps too many of the silicone legs down.
  5. I've never used the hares dub with the legs, I will have to try it. I imagine that in the long run a new loop really doesn't take longer then a twist dub and then brushing the fibers out, plus then you have the added bonus of a stronger dub. Good call, and a great looking fly that I will add to my quiver after I find that dubbing.
  6. Thats a great pattern, I'll have to try and tie one. That was a good visual tutorial.

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