The "Hey lets refill Ibn's box" swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ibn, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. As some of you know _ALL_ of my flies we're recently stolen from me.

    I'd like to host a fly swap where you tie whatever fly you want, so long as you've got faith in it.. I'll host the swap, I'll be tying a shock and awe tube fly, as it's my favorite fly and I have a ton of luck with it. Please, only join if you've got a fishable fly that you've tied before, this is to help me get back on my feet. I don't care what kind of fly it is, just something you have confidence in. Streamer, nymph, saltwater fly, bluewater fly, whatever, I pretty much need everything, so lets not restrict patterns.

    Tier limit of hopefully 15, I'd like to get all flies by August 1st.

    Get psyched, and lets crank out some quality confidence flies.


    ibn - Flies in
    Nick Riggs - Flies in
    chattmr - Flies in
    Yuhina - Flies in
    clint f
    toddsbernia - Flies in
    hedburner - Flies in
    <S>Connor H</s>
    bhudda - Flies in
    MtnWkr - Flies in
    Chris DeLeon - Flies in
    Miller - Flies in
    Troutbuster - Flies in
    Coach Duff

    Ship to:
    Ibn Archer
    918 SW 313th CT
    Federal Way, WA 98023
  2. I promised myself that I wouldn't do any more swaps, at least for a while, but this one's for a good cause. I think I'll tie up a nymph of some kind. I reserve the right to change my mind though.
  3. I'm in. Probably for some sort of big streamer that can play in either salt or freshwater...
  4. chattmr is in, I am in too! I will tie some saltwater streamers for striper... pinky special.
  5. I will join with some kind of fly for salmon.

  6. IBN, send me your mailing address if you will. Not exactly interested in getting into the swap but I do have an idea or two in my little pea brain. I hate thieves almost as much as those who commit crimes on children. Scumbags.
  7. If its not to late i'd like to throw in a copper john.
  8. Nope not too late, I'll close the swap in ~2 weeks.

    C'mon guys need a couple more people! It's for a good cause. :)
  9. I'll do a Grinnell fly, it's mostly a bass fly but tied on a stainless steel hook and without the weedguard and fished on a sinktip it should be a killer saltwater pattern. You need a particular color?
  10. Good cause noted, IBN thanks for the address...divided, boxed, wrapped and should hit the USPS tomorrow. Should only take a day or two to your place from mine. By the time I get back from MT this weekend you should have seen it. If not, let me know. I don't know what kind of fishing you prefer, but I hope I filled a few holes in your collection.
  11. No particular color, I'd just like people to tie their confidence fly, or go to fly. Something that they've fished and done well with, something you're good at tying.

  12. Ibn, I forgot to mail your box on the 1st from here in W WA. I realized that I had it sitting under my maps for MT when I arrived in Missoula on the night of the 1st. I mailed it USPS Priority from Missoula the morning of the 2nd. Sorry, that likely added a day or two to the mail trip. I just got home yesterday and likely could have stopped by your house faster than USPS mail service. I hope they arrive intact.
  13. Grinnel fly. I've tied these up for bass great bass fly. For the swap though I'll be using salt water hooks and no snag guard and subsitute prismatic eyes for the doll eyes. Should be good in the salt, and big bulls in the rivers.
  14. Mumbles - thanks again, very kind of you.

    Hedburner, those look great, can't wait to fish em.

    Guys, I'm going to close the swap next Monday July 14th. Flies will be due by August 1.

    Would love to get a few more folks in this swap before I close it out!!
  15. Hey this is my first swap but I'd love to help you out. I'll tie up a few hot butt caddis for ya's??? its Connor H. sorry I posted on my dad's.
  16. Contact me on this one. Sorry to here about the flies. i'm still in for the swap! I'll tie up some of my sculpin leeches as well.
  17. yo Ibn, im in for sure, sorry to hear about the loss. some mara'boos your way soon.
  18. Hell, I'm in.. not sure what I'll tie yet, but I'd like to help fill that box!
  19. Awesome guys! Up to 10!! Appreciate you all who have joined.
  20. Ibn, you are welcome. I'm just trying to return some sanity to humanity one act at a time. Maybe it will catch on somehow and we can reverse the social trend toward greater rights for the criminals than for the victims. I hope a few of those are fishable and that all the patters that the rest of the gang is working on will result in loaded fly boxes and tight lines.

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