The "Hey lets refill Ibn's box" swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ibn, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. I'm in, ibn would you like summer or winter steelhead bugs??

  2. ...been a few years since I've been in a swap. Ibn sorry to hear the news, count me in. Any requests?
  3. If there is room, count me in for a Zebra Midge and a Ray Charles.
  4. Sweet dudes, no requests, I've lost everything so anything is welcome, think of a killer day you had fishing, and what fly you were using, then tie that!
  5. Well, I'm mostly a Puget Sound fisher, and one of the best days I've had was slaying silvers last season on a pink Clouser... and with the season about to start again, who couldn't use some more Clousers in their box?
  6. Ok, locking this one in. We've got 13 tiers total, so you all will need to send me a dozen flies. Due date is 8/1.

    If you've never done a fly swap before please make sure and read this thread:

    I am going to tie mine up this week.

    My Address is:

    Ibn Archer
    918 SW 313th CT
    Federal Way, WA 98023
  7. All finished up! I'll drop these by the Post Office tomorrow.. Had pretty good luck with the pink again this morning.
  8. mine will be in the mail tomorrow, along with some extras.
  9. I had a good day today, but alas, my only pink and white clouser was smashed by some villan that immediately snapped off my 3X. I don't know why I only had one. I'm lucky that something else was working too.

    Yours look sweet, IBN will be slaying them in no time.
  10. MtnWrkr - sweet flies! Thanks for the extras to, very kind. While nothing can replace years of tying gone, it's been kinda fun re-building my collection. Appreciate everyones contributions.
  11. We had a member drop out, connor H, so only need to tie 11 flies now, if you already sent me 12, I'll make sure and return your extras.
  12. Mine shipped out yesterday. Keep the extras.
  13. I'm a little slow right now, but mine will go out late this weekend, or early next week.
  14. Troutbuster - very nice flies! Got them yesterday, updated the list in the first post.
  15. I just got flies from Chris DeLeon, they look pretty sweet Chris.

    Reminder to the rest of you that I'd like to have this finished by August 1, if you haven't tied your flies yet, pull out that vice and get to it! ;)
  16. Going to let coach duff replace connor H as our 12th member.
  17. You haven't gotten my flies because I realized this was a swap for "confidence flies" that "catch" fish, so I decided to include a second set:thumb:. Everyone will be getting both a spey-style royal wulff, and a slightly modified chum baby.
  18. Okay I'm done. Gotta get some envelopes and postage afterwork.
  19. In the mail today!

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