The "Hood Canal Orange Crush"

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by dryflylarry, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. I thought I would share this shrimp pattern.
  2. That is a good looking shrimp.
  3. That's really great. I've hauled a lot of shrimp out of Hood Canal over the years, and that's a pretty good likeness. :)

    Any details on the pattern or a tying tutorial?
  4. Larry nice ! can't wait for the swap

  5. That's where I got the idea!

    Let me try this:

    Antenna: Orange flashabou
    Eyes: Black mono
    Head Bottom Area: Spirit River Brite Blend Polar Orange dubbing
    Upper Head: Orange Polymarabou with Orange dyed Guinea strips over top of that.
    Body: Spirit River Brite Blend polar Orange dubbing
    Abdominal Segments: Pearlescent wing material over Swiss Straw Orange, then wrapped with 4-5 turns of copper wire for segments.
    Legs: Orange hackle
  6. What size of hook? Looks like a TMC 200R in 4 or 6 ?
  7. That was actually Daiichi #1270 in size 4, but I think size 6 in TMC 200R would be similar in size.
  8. Nice tie Larry!
    Gonna have to tie some of those up myself.
  9. As always, very cool pattern, Larry.
  10. does it work? I'm still sticking with the popcicle!
  11. Very nice!

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