The "Hot Damn It's Been A While" Steelhead Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. It's been a long time since I've been on WFF, it's been a long time since I've tied anything, and most painful of all, it's been a damn long time since I've been fishing.

    SWAP CLOSED! Tyers - With a TOTAL of 8 filled slots, we will all need to tie 7 of each pattern for a total of 14 flies. Deadline is February 28th.

    Let's get some steelhead treats!

    1) Nick Riggs - GBS, Beauly Snow Fly - DONE

    2) underacheiver - Blue Charm, No-Name in Pink and Orange - DONE AND RECEIVED

    3) David Dalan - Small Hair-Wing, One Of His Go-To-Money-Summer-Run-Marabou-Bugs - DONE AND RECEIVED

    4) Whip-LASH - Nightmare Hooker, Blue-Stalker - DONE AND RECEIVED

    5) constructeur - One for Winter, one for Summer - DONE AND RECEIVED

    6) Brian Thomas - Skater, Unsure - DONE AND RECEIVED

    7) Hogwrangler - Low Water Fly, and Classic Hairwing - DONE AND RECEIVED

    8) rwbailey05 - Some Intruder Patterns - DONE AND RECEIVED
  2. I'll be tying a doublewing Green Butt Skunk and a Beauly Snow Fly.
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  3. I'd be interested in joining this. I could do a Blue Charm and some no name thing in Pink/Orange.
  4. Sign me up. Small hair wing, and one of my go-to-money-summer-run-marabou-bugs. May be on a hook or a cone head tube. Not sure.
  5. Nick,
    Sign me up I will make my favorite summer run steelhead flies. I''ll make my Nightmare Hookier and Blue-Stalker as my flies.
  6. I'm in with one pattern for Winter, and one for Summer if'n that's o.k.
  7. When are they due Nick , and how many total flies per participant ?
  8. Yeah, guess a due date would be cool :)
  9. Um, I was planning on filling up the swap before putting a deadline up, but I suppose it doesn't matter. We already have 6 tyers anyways. Hows about flies postmarked no later than February 28th? That'd give everyone 8 days of rest, even if you only tied one fly per day. Pretty leisurely I think, though if anyone wants it pushed further back, I have no problems with that - we can always finish early!

    Brian Thomas - 2 patterns per person for a total of 20 flies per tyer, assuming we fill up all 10 slots.
  10. I`ll meet my legal obligations and join in Nick .
    One pattern will be a skater , unsure of the other right now .
  11. NICE choice on the skater.
  12. Sorry, that's a total of 18 flies per tyer - 9 of each pattern, assuming a full swap of 10 participants, unless you'd like to tie one for yourself. I am an art student, not a math student.
  13. I'll do a low water fly, and a classic hairwing
  14. goof. sorry.
  15. Oh Jack, you're killing me.
  16. :)I was going to sign up for the swap thinking it was two flies (I think my mind was on the football game) and then realized it was eighteen. I have some other tying commitments this month and I just wouldn't have my heart in it. Please post some photos of the swap if you can. We would all enjoy seeing the flies.
  17. Are you guys still looking for a few tiers?
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  18. rwbailey05, yes, we still have three open spots.
  19. Count me in... ill be working with some intruder patterns!
  20. Swap's closed, fellas! 8 total tyers, so you'll need to have a TOTAL of 14 flies (7 of each of your patterns) on their way to me by February 28th! Let me know when you finish your patterns and I'll PM you my address and mailing instructions.

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