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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Mike Etgen, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. So, this isn't really a swap, but now that I have your attention...

    My wife is a board member of the Kitsap County Domestic Violence Task Force (KCDVTF), and on October 16th, the organization is having its annual "Summit" or workshop, including a silent auction for fund-raising. The funds support DV awareness and educational activities. At a recent meeting, a male member suggested that it would be nice to have some "guy items" available for the auction, and my wife immediately volunteered that she has a mate who ties flies.

    So, I'm on the hook for something, no pun intended. Now, my flies are serviceable but nothing special, and I got to thinking about the talent represented by WFF, not to mention the diversity, and this got me to wondering...

    If I set a theme (as we do in the fly swaps) and could find a half a dozen to a dozen tiers willing to each donate a fly or two, we could make up a pretty impressive package, or two, for the auction. I'd spring for a nice fly box or two (suggestions welcome) and perhaps we could identify the contributors as "Best of"

    I'm not trying to duck this myself, but I've noticed that the WFF regulars are pretty good about getting behind good causes, and this is one. A handful of my own shabby flies would pale beside some of those that this group could turn out.

    So, here's my initial thought:

    I'd like to be able, at a minimum, to present KCDVTF with two selections. One would be something like "Trout Traditionals" since flyfishing is so often associated with trout, and a second might be "Best of WFF." If we start out with a goal of 24 flies (2 dozen total, one dozen per offering), then I'd like twelve (at two each) or twenty-four (at a single fly each) tyers to volunteer to provide one to two flies. A little "extra" that a tyer might offer would be the recipe, and/or a little piece about how you developed, or use the fly, and why it means something special to you, if it does. Something to personalize it a little...

    I'll play the role of swapmeister in the sense that I'll manage the thing and keep us current on who's doing what - the usual stuff. I'll do the gallery thing if that helps.

    I'd like to encourage residents of Kitsap County to step up on this one, and I'd give you all priority, since it's your community. Female contributors would be pretty cool, too. If I had enough volunteers, maybe one of the selections could be something like "The Best of WFF's Women Anglers." I'd like good-looking flies, of course. It's only one or two. Oh - if someone feels moved to offer something else - speak right up. I'm also open to suggestions if there's a better way to do this, or to title the fly groups, or different themes, since I don't claim to be very imaginative.

    The event, as noted above, is October 16th, so I'd like everything in by the 9th.
  2. I'm in Mr. Curiously Insubordinate. I can tie up some summertime foamies like a chernobyl or hopper. I can tie up a streamer like a bunny with barbell eyes. I can tie up something from the salt side. Cool cause, I'm with ya!
  3. I'm in mike let me know what you need
  4. I'm in, just let me know what you want tied.
  5. Count me in - bug the crap outta me. How 'bout I tie up a Renegade or two?
  6. I'll tie up some spey-styles if you'd like. Let me know if that'd work, and how many.

  7. I'll be happy to send in a few. Since this is for a Kitsap event (assuming the attendees are local) I might recommend a trout fly and an SRC fly, or a trout fly and a salmon fly just to set some parameters and get a consistent package.

  8. I will add some spey flies as well.
  9. let me know what you need happy to contribute
  10. Mike,

    I am in. I will have something in the mail in a day or 2. I will tie a couple of Clousers and maybe a couple of big stimulators. They may take a week or 2 to get there

    only a couple of weeks to go. I should be back in NM by mid October. I have my vise here with me so it shouldn't be an issue.

  11. I'm in with some woven flies.

    Will non-attendees be able to bid on items? If so, how?
  12. I'm not a fly tier... but I am a fly Bidder! Also I'd love to help out the Organization.

    Where is te silent auction going to be held?
  13. Count me in. I'll come up with few patterns for you. Where do we send them?

  14. Sorry I've not been in touch for a couple or three days. Home improvement project, work know.

    First, thanks for the response. I knew I'd get a good response, and counting Ron Eagle Elk, who's sent me a PM, I've got thirteen tyers. I'd call the recruiting process a success and say I've got what I need.

    Here's the contributors I'm accounting for, with flies volunteered:

    Mumbles - a Chernobyl or Hopper, and a streamer (assuming something salty?)
    Daryl Holmstrom
    Ned Wright
    Sourdoughs - renegade
    Ben Waldschmidt - Spey
    Rob Ast
    Daconil - Spey
    Warren Perry - Stimulator and Clouser
    Big_E - Woven flies
    Ron Eagle Elk - North County Spider (for Trout)

    With that number, and building on Rob Ast's suggestion, I'd like to put forth that we try for 3 offerings - one a "Best WFF Trout" - and the second a "Best WFF Salmon and Sea-Run Cutthroat" or perhaps more generically, a "Best WFF Saltwater Fly" collection. Working with the numbers we have, we shoot for 18 trout flies, and 18 of the second assortment. That's 36 flies. And, since it's come up, how about a third smaller group of 12 spey flies?

    That come out to 48 flies needed, or four apiece from each tyer, which will provide four extras. I know I started talking a fly or two apiece, but I know four won't be much more than two, plus I didn't know what kind of response I'd get.

    So - starting with the Speys - if Ben Waldschmidt and Daconil can each do 3, can I get six more? If so, then all we need to do is be sure we have a nice mix of different flies.

    The Trout - If Mumbles (hopper or chernobyl), Sourdoughs (Renegade), Warren Perry (Stimulator), Big_E (Woven Fly), and Ron Eagle Elk (North Country Spider) could each provide two, then I would need eight more trout flies .

    That leaves the "Salt" collection. I'll assume three each from Warren Perry (Clousers) and Mumbles (bunny streamer or something salty.). That leaves me needing 12 flies to fill out that set.

    Maybe some of you that have volunteered the trout flies could add one or more saltwater flies, and maybe those of you who've volunteered spey items could throw in something else (trout or salt).

    In regards to the question about non-attendees bidding, I don't know the answer to that one. My wife is the board member and this all came about as a result of her volunteering my flytying services. There'a board meeting Tuesday, and Carol will raise the question. At this point, I really don't know, but I can tell you that at this point the board only knows that they were going to have "a few flies" available as one item. We're going to have more than they expected, so I'll get back to you on that.

    I will say that IF the board is open to "outside bidders" then we may need some idea about how to accomplish that. We may be able to use WFF in someway - based on Chris' input, of course. After Tuesday night, I should have more information for you.

    From this point forward, I think I need to pin down the balance of the spey collection first, since those flies are a littlle more specialized and I wouldn't want to arbitrarily "decide" the other contributor(s).

    For the rest, if we're in agreement about the general concept, I can decide and ask for specific flies, or give you all a few more days to dial in your preferences.

    Thanks to all of you for the interest and support. Carol is pretty impressed with the interest and I think her board will be, also.
  15. Mike,

    I've tied up a bit of a set already. I did a big Chernobyl, a green hopper, a brown hopper, a deer hair hopper, a couple of sizes of foam beetles and a couple more. I also did some little muddler minnows (just read about Olive the Wolly Bugger and Camp Tight Loops again). I think I did three or four of those. I need to get them to you as soon as I can so you can evaluate what you want to use or what else you might need to get.

    If I can find the camera I'll shoot you a photo, but I've not seen than dang thing for a couple of months. If we can meet up I'll gladly hand them off.

    If you can't get enogh spey flies I'll try to tie them, but there are way more talented and experienced tiers on this list and in the spey section here. If you need me to tie up one or two let me know.

  16. Hey, Mike. I'll contribute to the Salt selection as well, then.

    Let me know 1) How many Renegades, 2) How many Salt flies?
  17. Mike,

    I can tie up as many speys as you need me to. I have all kinds of time (and have plenty already tied, that I could just send you, too).

    Or if Daconil wants to split it and we each do six, that could work.
  18. I have one tied so far. We are arifying at work the next three weeks, so I am going to be rather busy. I will keep you posted as I progress.
  19. I could come up with 4 trout flies. I don't do any saltwater or spey fishing, so I would be just guessing.
  20. I will plan on 2 trout flies and one salt fly, can do more if needed


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