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  1. Kerfwappie, I neglected to send Mike any of the sessile tube worms. Thanks for your plug on them, if I can remember I'll find a way to get one or two to Mike. I tied up twice as many flies as we had swappers so I've got extras.

    Big E, I'll dredge up some pickturs fer ye...stand by...or at least a link.
    This is the full set of extras that I've had since our face to face. Kerfwappie, note the two chironomids submitted by Matt Smith. He's a friend, and I trust him when he says magic. I tested his flies and indeed had trout after trout to hand.
    I've not passed this set on to Mike yet, but if he says he would like it they are his (all that were tagged still remain tagged and there were some great participants in this swap)

    The attached photos are of some cougar minnows and muddler minnows I've tied up. The foamies are mostly from the Yakima Terrestrial swap I got a few duplicates and I included those quality bugs in the fly box for Mike. Only the big ol' chernobyl type and the two similar green and brown hoppers were from my bench. I'm trying to establish which of the extras was tied by whom to give those guys credit, this swap's flies were all killer. No sense in me hoarding them when we can pass them along for a good cause, right? Enjoy.
  2. your PM and responded with address. Need the flies by October 9th.

    All - will try to get some pictures out this weekend of you need a look at the individual contributions in current boxes, or can wait a bit until it's all sorted out and then provide pics of the packages, with individual shots as needed.

    Ben Waldschmidt will be sending me, along with his spey flies, three Morrell flyboxes that we'll get at a discount, and in which we'll package the fly offerings.

    In the meantime, trust me, there are some sweet flies already in hand.

    Off to work.
  3. So - starting with the Speys - if Ben Waldschmidt and Daconil can each do 3, can I get six more? If so, then all we need to do is be sure we have a nice mix of different flies.

    I will send you 3 Loch Dhu Salmon Spey flies
  4. Quick Update...

    Flies received from Big_E today - more winners for sure.


    I haven't heard from Daconcil lately but believe he was aiming for at least three Spey flies, while Ben has communicated often and I believe is working on about six. Kerfwappie has already delivered a pair. Your three will definitely put us over a dozen.
  5. great I am tying will send pic when done
  6. I'm still in. Just been working 50-60 hour 7 day weeks lately.
  7. Cha-Ching...gotta love that in this economy. Get it while you can.
  8. I'll get mine tied up and in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday.
  9. I've been tying some recently, just trying to decide which are worth sending.
  10. I wanted to tie old steelhead patterns that had their origins in the NW or Washington. Then I tried to tie them in a spey style. Here are the three flies I have tied so far.

    Green Butt Skunk


    Al's Special
  11. Mike, my flies are in the mail today.
  12. Sent some today, keep the box Mike
  13. Update again:

    Sourdoughs' flies came in today. I know it sounds old, but geez - sweeeet! 2 each for the trout and salt collections.

    Everything is set with the organization to handle "outside" bidders. What I need is some guidance from you guys about how to solicit bidders from WFF, and then how to handle those bids.

    I don't know how many of you will entertain bidding - not that anyone of you should feel you need to - but if I could get an idea, that would tell me if I need to open it up to the main board. At this point I haven't posted anything about this on the main board, but if it appears that I need to drum up a little interest, I'll do that as the balance of the flies arrive.

    As far as the actual bidding goes, I have assurance that this can be handled by committee members. Ideally, each outside bidder would be represented by a single member, and I understand that about fifteen can be accomodated that way. I suppose that we could settle for a two-to-one ratio if we had a larger level of interest and everyone feels confident that this can be handled without favoritism.

    My initial thought is that WFF members who want to bid will have a deadline to work to, and would be expected to set a minimum and maximum bid for any of the selections in which they're interested. If we can do this electronically, I can handle sorting it all out, and come up with a "blind bidder" format that will make sure that no outside bidder is identified by name to the board member. I've pretty much planned to attend, to talk up the selections and encourage attending bidders. I'll disqualify myself from bidding.

    I've photographed all but Ron's and those I just received from Sourdough. Once I get them uploaded here, I'll need some help from some of you naming your selections. Some I recognize or knew in advance, but many are totally new to me.

    Oh - one more thought. I've been asked to set a minimum acceptable bid for each selection. I don't want to scare anyone off , but it seems to me that $50.00 a box - including the flybox - is a helluva deal for the kind of flies we're receiving and offering. Any thoughts from you all are appreciated.

    Daconcil - your flies look great and will definitely fit in proudly with the flies I've received thus far.

    Oh...none of you seem interested in any kind of individual recognition or elaboration, though REE named his flies and added the recipes, but I would at least like to be able to list the contributors and their town or city of residence. Any objections?

    As of tonight, these guys have flies in to me:

    Ron Eagle Elk
    Warren Perry

    Daryl, will be on the lookout for yours.

    Thanks, guys.
  14. No objection from me
  15. Flies and boxes will go out in the mail tomorrow or saturday, depending when I can jet over to the post office. I'll post pics of the flies in a bit.
  16. Daryle's flies have arrived and will make a great contribution to the three selections. I'm guessing that the three individually located in the middle slots are Speys? All of them look great, Daryle. Thanks.

    Ben...sounds good. I'll assume you're including a bill of sale or invoice I can respond to in order to repay you?

    Here's the current list:

    Ron Eagle Elk
    Warren Perry
    Daryle Holmstrom

    Thought you guys would like a count. So far received, 62 in all:

    40 trout flies
    17 salt flies
    5 spey flies
  17. Yep, A stimy and stone , couple of salt tube clousers and the rest Speys
  18. No objection from me on adding my name or City of residence. Yelm could use some positive publicity.
  19. Here are my flies. Finally packaged and being sent out tomorrow w/ the boxes:thumb:
  20. Ben, those are fantastic. Excellent work for sure.

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