The Ice is Gone, and the Cutts are on!

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by CoastalCutt, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Got out today to one of my favorite year round foothill lakes, and though some ice was still on one half of the small lake, I managed to do really well and score some beautiful mid- winter coastal cutts. on chironimids. It was the ticket and certainly the cure for my recent case of cabin fever! Oh, and I managed to have two fish take my two chronies simultaneously and land them both....a real bonus.
  2. Beautiful little cutties. :thumb:
  3. Sweeeeeeeet
  4. are thoughs open??????
  5. ??????????
  6. Amazing looking cutthroat, looks like a sweet spot you have there!!
  7. the ponds i did not think they were open yet?????
  8. Oh, "are those open"......yes I stated it was an unnamed, therefore year round lake. Beaver Ponds open along with streams on June 1st, but this is a lake. Get out a map and start'll eventually run into little unknown bodies of water like this.
  9. oh i got confused it sure looks like a beaver pond. my bad!!
  10. Yeah it's definitely not clear what a "beaver pond" is in the regs. But most know what is and isn't. This lake is about eight acres, far too big for a beaver pond, and it's permanent/been there for years unlike the flucuation and inconsistent presence of a lot of beaver ponds.
  11. huu well then the "beaverponds" i found must be lakes because there big and the sure dont seem to flucshuate?
  12. It's hard to tell the difference and there is no clear definition in the regulations. If the body of water is not directly tied into a stream and there's not a big ass beaver hut in it, I think it's fine.

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