The Klickitat pisses me off.

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  1. Skunked! Totally skunked last weekend.

    The Klickitat has really been pissing me off recently.

    Saturday I floated from Stinson to the Slide-in, mainly because I never had before. Two drift boats from Evening Hatch and a raft with three guys launched about the same time as me. Because I didn’t know the drift, I fell back and fished some less optimal water early on. It turned out that all the best water was down at the bottom end of the float. Some of this water I’d seen from biking in from below. So late in the day we all bunched up in the lower mile of the twelve mile drift.

    I had swung through some reaches, but seeing no results, I switched to a bead below a jig below a thing-a-ma-boober, since that seemed to be what everyone else was fishing. My beads were the 8mm transparent tangerine with a spot of yellow and pink nail polish formula that used to be the carefully guarded secret. Near the end of the day, as all the boats bunched up near the take out, I could hear the whoops as the other boats hooked up, while I still had nothing. I floated past the Evening Hatch and the three guys in the raft, thinking I was heading to the takeout before it got dark, but stopped at a nice hole. My damn beads didn’t work. The three guys in the raft came along while I was walking back to my cat. They had a hook up way down in the tail of this run, and the guy had to jump out out the raft to land the fish as the raft went down the chute. Then one of the Evening Hatch boats came down and one of their clients hooked up a big steelhead that eventually broke off because of ham handedness.

    These other boats were all nymphing on the go, one guy rowing, two fishing, single hand double bead rigs, so they always were able to cover more water with more gear than I was able to do. I had to pull my cat up on shore and wade. If I tried nymphing on the go by myself, I’d be spinning down the river and landing in the brush on the outside of a turn.

    The guys in the raft oozed a strange attitude. They weirdly attempted to avoid eye contact, and often wouldn’t respond when I talked to them, even when I asked them a question like “Do you want copies of the photo I took of you with your fish?” Perhaps you have encountered dudes like this. It was like if they didn’t acknowlege me, they could pretend they had a wilderness river to themselves, or something.

    In contrast the Evening Hatch guides and clients were real nice to me. They liked my chocolate lab riding along with me. One of the Evening Hatch guides took pity on me and gave me four of the beads that they were using. One rolled out of my palm into a foot of roiled water, but the guide went after it like it was gold, like it was the one ring to rule them all. From his reaction, I thought these beads must clearly be magic, endowed with special powers. They were 10mm, pinkish orange, translucent, and said to be florescent. I think the color is called Mottled Glow Roe. Not enough mojo for me, however, since I still couldn’t catch anything in the couple pools below. I skipped on past them to the take out. As I loaded up, they continued to torment me with more whoops and hollers within earshot of the take out. The Klickitat has really been pissing me off.

    Sunday I drove over to Oregon where I can always pick up several fish. A sure bet, I thought. I swung though my favorite run and right at my favorite spot I had a bump. But nothing again on the same cast, or a few feet down, or with a changed fly, or with a bead and jig under a bobber. I walked up to the next run, my next favorite, and I’ve never had a fish just dick with me so bad. I still had the jig and bead on so I ran it through first. Right in the heart of the run, this fish came up and whacked my bobber as my line straightened out downstream. But wouldn’t come back for the bead or jig or the bobber again. The water temperature was still 52F, so it’s still possible to have these fish behave like summer fish. I put on a little white winged fly that worked for me two weeks ago and swung it subsurface, starting back at the head of the run. Right at the heart of the run, I had four nips on the same cast, but no hook up. Nothing on the repeat cast , or through the rest of the run. I switched to an orange and purple fly, a heavier tip, and started back through from the top of the run. Right at the heart of the run, I had one peck, but couldn’t get it to come back.

    Walked back to the truck, skunked again. Still, I couldn’t call the weekend a failure. Nice weather, nice drift, saw a new part of the Klickitat, got some magic beads, nice walk with my dog, came close a couple times.
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  2. Floating the Klick, you're at a severe disadvantage if you can't fish from a boat. I've floated it in a toon many times this year, and you end up having to pass over so much water because you have to get out to fish(while everyone passes you by). Almost makes the float not worth it.
  3. So stop going if it is not worth it. How could any trip to any river where you get to float and at least at times get some fishing in not be worth it? Float shorter stretches, float and park the boat more often and have a more complete fishing experience with less water. You'll have it pounded so that if there are fish there you'll know exactly where they are. A guy floating in a boat while fishing may cover more fish but only get one drift past them, you've got to think that working a run more completely is a good thing, right? You never struck me as a run and gun kind of guy.
  4. Its the beads man!
  5. I've just had more than one trip there where I spend 6+hrs rowing, and 1-2hrs fishing. It's so crowded these days that it's really tough to get a run to yourself to really work over. I have one spot that I can always count on to be open, and that's usually where I end up fishing most of the day. And I will not be going back this season, so that part's already taken care of!
  6. How about just rowing down to the section that fishes well and fish that hard? It's not like you're trying to low hole anyone. It's just heading to productive water to spend your time wisely.

    Also, with the bigger cat you'll be able to anchor in heavier flows and dissect the river from you boat. You won't have to skip certain spots because you don't feel comfortable anchoring in heavier water.
  7. that's part of my game plan for next year.
  8. Its simple, you weren't swinging. Getting too dirty can be, well, too dirty.
  9. Check your PM
  10. If you want to anchor and fish from your boat, be it dry fly for trout, swinging for steel, or (GASP) nymphing for need to get one of these!

    Paul, good, informative, and entertaining report even though you probably can't accept that from your perspective. That is the reality of steelheading time it will be you catching all the fish while the other guys stand and watch.
  11. Really?

    If you think the Klick is crowded then STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET!

    Are you guys really going to post up in the middle of runs and throw beads under a bobber? Seems a bit much.

    Sorry to complain but this is getting out of control.
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  12. Damage has been done. I'm one who never posts about where I fish... But this river has been totally blown up online, and through other ways to the point of no return.
  13. Although I don't mention the rivers I fish, except for maybe the Yak, the cat is out of the bag on this one. Besides, I'm not advocating anchoring in the middle of a steelhead run...just saying it can be done.
  14. I'm sure one less fisherman woun't be missed on that river

  15. You really believe that a post like that would increase pressure on a river?

    People actually pay a guide to fish beads?
  16. Yeah, regularly...upwards of $450 to $475 before the tip and travel expenses.
  17. Any post that points to where steelhead are getting caught will potentially increase pressure on a river. I've seen it happen more than once.

    and yes.
  18. Fixed it for you.
  19. What, fish being caught...where's my map? Can someone help me find my map?
  20. That would better describe my feelings...

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