The Klickitat pisses me off.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Paul Huffman, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. And here I thought if you tied a bead on they'd jump in the boat!
  2. Like so...
  3. serious question: if you are wading, why not swing?
  4. Uh, because gear fishing with a fly rod (note I specifically didn't say fly fishing) is productive as heck. To some, it is not about how you catch a steelhead but that you catch a steelhead. Nymphing generally ups that chance of catching one. To others, it is not about whether you catch one but how you catch one. Some would prefer to fish all day, knowing they will/could be giving up several chances of playing a fish using different gear methods for the chance to have one grab while swinging. All depends on personal preference. While nymphing can be done while wading, from a moving boat, or from an anchored boat, swinging has traditional been done while wading, unless you are shelling out $5,000 to fish with a ghillie on an Atlantic salmon river.
  5. the river doesn't owe you a thing.. it's the lack of catching that pisses you off not the river itself.. i tell people this all the time but no one seems to listen.
    the Klickitat is NOT the Deschutes. it's not a river where catching lots of fish is common if you don't like a river because it's not as productive you are welcome to fish elsewhere and give someone else your spot on the Klick
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  6. I like it Rob.
  7. I get paid lots to fish beads. I always have bead in the boat or in my pack. I love to swing but I am a fisherman and I like to hook fish sometimes and a bead can do that. Some people don't get to fish every weekend or even every year. Thats why they call me to hook fish.
  8. nevermind
  9. People actually pay a guide to put them on fish and row the boat. It really doesn't matter what method they use as long as the client is happy with the result. I paid a guide a couple weeks ago for a couple days of floating the Klick. It was great fun, I caught some really nice fish (yes, on beads!), and the fall colors were great! If you can afford to pay a guide, it is a great way to spend the day! As for fishing the river from a pontoon, the productive runs are done fishing from relatively slow water along a seam of faster water. It is very easy to fish these runs from a pontoon boat with fins. I do a lot of fishing from a pontoon and really enjoy it, but I also usually get 4-6 days of guided fishing, whether on a bonefishing flat, on a trout river, or fishing for steelhead. It is a treat for me and my friends to do this and I feel really lucky to be able to afford it! Rick
  10. I hooked a fish from the pontoon while floating the Klick a few weeks ago. It was a shit show to say the least! Was in a spot that was too deep to jump out, couldn't anchor up... Just had to roll down stream while the fish headed up stream. Never did get the fish in.
  11. It can be a rodeo when that happens! The fish on my avatar I caught from the rowers seat in my two man Scadden. I was using fins while my wife (luckily a light-weight woman) was reading a book, having gotten tired of casting flies. I was in pretty fast current and had to fin my way across the river to a shallow spot-just about got a leg cramp! The end result was a fish landed. Rick
  12. iagree

    People don't get it. I had a great year on the klick, not because I caught 100 fish, but because I learned a lot, swung some great water and enjoyed being on a unique river. If you cant handle getting skunked, you are not a steelheader. I dont have anything against the bead, I have used it to my advantage for YEARS, but this fad of solely fishing the bead on the go is blanker than blank. I swear to god I was the one of the FEW people swinging that river this year.
  13. I swung my ass off on that river this year, but never did manage to get one to take. In 8 trips, I swung probably 75% of the time, but only managed to catch fish on the beads. Made me feel like less a man.
  14. That is why Mumbles new video is so d--m funny! Rick
  15. Wow, talk about offensive!
  16. Settle down there guy, its a joke. Rather than run the risk of the interweb flame for being insensitive, I edited it for you.
  17. Under no circumstances will you post about the Klickitat as it has been my river for over 40 years....... Just funning.... I have spent a lot of days there and usually there is no one around. Do I catch fish????? It does not really matter as I love the country. It's not about catching fish, it is about enjoying where you are at......

    As it has been posted, "most men do not realize that what they are fishing for is not fish".....
  18. skunkd=more time to drink beer....I fished ye ol klick a few days back, fished hard in fact and had my ass handed to me on a platter. Cooked a killer shore lunch with some good friends, swung some beautiful water, and enjoyed the view. I watched a good friend land a fish from the boat on a bead due to a recent motorcycle accident preventing him from wading.......made the whole trip. I dunno, when chasing these fish getting skunkd has become the norm for me lately...maybe due to lack of hard fishing, but i still enjoy myself and have a few beers....

  19. Ummmm, HELL YEAH! Drives me nuts to see all the talk/bitching about that river, but in the end she ain't an easy river to fish. Most of the season she blows out, the rest of the time salmon push the fish around. I guess its time to just sit back and let her take care of the crowds by being that hot/cold little bitch she is.

    Time to move east anyway.
  20. really???
    more complaining about the Klickitat huh? the crowds, the boats, and the beads?


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