The Klickitat pisses me off.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Paul Huffman, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Yeah dude, Im tired of hearing it too. If you don't like it, don't go. I do like it, so I'll be on it again every weekend from the end of July through October.
  2. place is so gay! people fish beads there! WTF!??! totally ruined. once tranquil, now soiled like a crusty tube sock. the worst part is, other people go there. some of them have BOATS you would not even believe it Jared not even F_in around. you should never go there again. you will be disgusted.
  3. BEADS!!!!! Blasphemy!!!!! I will never go there again. I remember a beautiful time when the bead was something some people knew about, and nobody talked about it. I've never caught a fish on the OP, but I guarantee that I am going to swing the shit out of it too. However, on the go, I will be fishing a pink sanjuan worm (that my friends and I have been fishing for around four years now) with a fucking bead trailer.
  4. I remember a beautiful time when 'the bead' wasn't considered to be flyfishing.
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  5. The Klick is an amazing river that has way too much pressure on it. There is so much good swinging water I can't believe how many people nymph the shit out of it. I have a lot of friends that do really well on it and skate a lot of fish while the bead show is all over them. The guys who nymph the shit out of it just do not get it. I do run the bobber from time to time, but that is not the only way to catch fish on this or any river.
  6. Agreed mike, however, there IS a time frame where it is not crowded at all. I have had many days of maybe seeing two or three people during certain months. I nymph on the go out of my boat. Its not the main technique used, and I honestly caught more fish down there on the swing (I agree, tons of good swinging water). Without pointing a finger at one outfit, I would have to say that it is guide boats that are the main issue here. I almost never see them stop and swing, or even get out of the boat. Boy they were out in force this year too.
  7. Definitely true. This year I've learned that there's times it's crowded, and times its not. I will not be returning during the crowded times, that's for sure.
  8. Its all about someone just cant keep it to themselves. The river and fish will weed you out or sow you in.
  9. Sounds to me like you shouldn't be to pissed off, it was your first float...sound more like a recon trip than anything. Try it again on a week day....
  10. iagree
  11. Nymphing from a boat is Montana trout fishing. I dont care if your targeting steelhead, you're no steelheader! Its a real shame that a river that has very surface aware fish is predominately fished by such clowns.
  12. No kidding, I was watching a video from Red's.........they don't seem to swing AT ALL.

    Whatever, but those fish are swingers for sure man.
  13. Paul sent me this link today, wow, it's so true. This is a swing the fly river. Sure you can catch more fish with a bead and indicator, but eyeballs glued to the indicator sucks. Klickitat fish are challenging, that's why I love them. If it was easy none of us would be interested...except Red's guide service.
  14. Is it true the best beads with the good mojo come from a Strippers G-string
  15. Speaking of beads. If you want some that will produce, you will find a nice little selection at the Klickitat trader.
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  16. Now that post gave me a little laugh. Thanks for the chuckle.

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  17. Haters gon hate.

    Don't blame it on the beads, bunny fur or sink tips. The klickitat walks with a limp because of unrestricted and unrelenting guide practices. Period. It's a cash cow and gets treated as such. For such a wild and scenic river with spectacular wild steelhead it gets pummeled like a Hyundai. I hope things change in a positive way but until some regulations are put into action it will continue to belong to those cashing the checks. My $.02
  18. At least the fishing in Montana is still good in the the Klickitat is able to avoid that guide onslaught which the Peninsula isn't. Raise guide license fees substantially, require a legitimate business plan, require insurance, offer a limited number of rod days...all very basic items that are implemented virtually everywhere else that for some reason Washington has seemed to overlook. The legitimate guides that offer real service will be more than happy to oblige with the above restrictions...the fly-by-night guys will disappear.
  19. I am as anti-guided fishing as I think one can be. But that is my problem, not theirs. I do not see how limiting their days, making them pay higher license fees, business plans and insurance will fix what is at the heart of the problem: To many anglers stuffed into an ever decreasing pool of half assed quality fisheries. If guys want to fish the river, they will fish the river. With or without a guide.

    I hate the crowding issues on our steelhead rivers. But I am certainly not willing to go to full lottery on securing days to fish. Or turning these rivers into sectors. Where inevitably the best water ends up limited access. And the shit water ends up unlimited rod access.

    Free for all rivers end up a freeforall. Such is life.

    Social protocols could pretty much put an end to the conflicts without taking rods off the water. Whether these are cultural 'guidelines' or draconian and put into law, something will eventually need to be done to deal with the traffic.
  20. These same guys may try to go do it on their own, but they will have 0-1 fish days where they're having 12 fish days with the guide. The impact on the fish will decrease substantially, and honestly, many will go home discouraged.

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