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  1. do some research on the first part of your statement, then get back to us. Start with Dr. John Lott.

    I think I'll go out to the range for awhile this morning; get in a little practice on the ol`double tap.
  2. It sort of depends on the perp. While the deranged and enraged might not be dissuaded from attack upon display of a weapon, those seeking a despicable positive outcome for themselves (such as mugging with intent of robbery) are often convinced that selecting a different (and unarmed) victim is less risky. Dr. Lott's work is well respected for its academic integrity.

    And Alex, I do hope you're packing something bigger than that little ladylike .380!
  3. Haha this article is ridiculous. I don't keep a load tactical shotgun by my nightstand to aid my escape plans when an intruder enters my house. He will leave with a face full of 00 buckshot.
  4. Here is a little justice:

    LANSING, Mich. - A teen ended up getting shot in the buttocks and arrested after failing at the "knockout" game, according to video from geobeats.

    Marvell Weaver, 17, put his own twist on the game - in which a person tries to knock out another person with one punch - by trying to use a Taser on a man waiting for his 6-year-old son to be released from school, geobeats says.

    The Taser didn't work, and the intended victim pulled out a concealed .40-caliber gun and shot him in the leg and buttocks.

    Weaver said he and his friends had been smoking pot and drinking prior to the attack.
  5. That's the one I was referring to earlier. Maybe if it was known, that most people carried, problems like this wouldn't happened.

    I mean, would you take a chance hitting somebody that was carrying?

  6. FWIW he was talking about threats in public places, not home defense.
  7. Good observation. Another snippit to the same story.

  8. You must not have read the entire article since here is an excerpt from it..
    Even if you are at home, in possession of a firearm, and well trained to use it, when confronted by an intruder your best defense is to get out of the house as quickly as possible. In such a circumstance, a gun is a means of ensuring that no one can block your exit.[9] good luck to those that apply this means of survival....
  9. I have been saying for years we should enact a law stating that all citizens should carry a firearm with them at all times.
  10. Except that we'd probably start arguing as to which caliber, number of rounds allowed, and concealed or exposed, we finally agree on something. Having said that, there are some amongst the population for which a slingshot would be more appropriate.
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  11. All citizens carrying a firearm? I'm honestly curious why you think it's so dangerous in the US that we need to arm ourselves like people do In Afghanistan and Syria. I'm starting to think you're a bunch of scared old ladies. :rolleyes:
  12. Really? Remember you're talking about a population many of which have (but shouldn't) drivers licenses or been allowed to raised children! :)
  13. I knew when Kaiserman posted this thread it would either turn into political or gun debate OR BOTH so I am not disappointed!
    Boy, I don't want to live in a country that demanded everyone carry a gun. There are too many crazies out there that are unarmed, what would it be like if they all carried? If we are going there the gov't would have to provide weapons to the poor people who can't afford one. Great Idea!!!:eek:
  14. I ALWAYS carry, where legal. I also practice both accessing & shooting A LOT. I'm also "competent" re: hand-to-hand self defense. Because of these abilities & preparations those now somehow make me "scared?" Methinks yon knave jests. These things render me prepared . . . nothing more, nothing less. To each his/her own choices; my first choice is to never be a defenseless victim (there's not much I can do to eliminate the second half of that phrase, but in my case, that determination would be made by a perp cursed with bad judgment and worse luck. And as Luke cited: ". . . situational awareness . . ." . . . it IS your friend. I, too favor more capable, legal, legitimate folks carrying; accept the fact that too many on the opposite end of that spectrum already do.
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  15. put the parents in prison for 10 years but just before they go in they get to spend 1 hour disciplining in any way they see fit..
  16. The problem with all of this self defense talk is interesting.
    I believe in defending myself and family. But in nearly all of the videos I have seen of these Knock-out attacks there is no opportunity for defense. The victim is walking along and the perp comes from behind or aside and smashes the victim hard enough that they are out. Does not matter what your packin' it wont help if your unconscious. There is no defense for that but always walking in pairs or groups with someone walking backwards!
    It is sick and to call it a game is sicker!
  17. My suggestion for mandatory carry is in reaction to many of the proposals made by the anti-gun gezz drops. It is an extreme position statement made to counter extreme position statements. No one really believes such a law could be passed but if it were I think at first there would be a "thinning of the herd", for lack of a sensitive way to say it, nor a desire on my part to be sensitive, then things would settle down.
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  18. I agree. I've legally carried for years, and every self defense class I've taken emphasizes that the most important weapon we possess is situational awareness. Another major tenet is avoiding the confrontation if at all possible...even a righteous shooting generates, on the average, extreme emotional and financial costs. I believe the average defense litigation expense for just the inevitable civil suit from the perp's survivors runs about $400k.
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  19. Rule # 23: Your best option for personal security is a lifelong commitment to avoidance, deterrence, and de-escalation.
  20. just call it what it is, its not teen crime, and gun crime that frighten people its _ _ _ _ _, see i cant even say it.:)
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