The last day of the season.......

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by KerryS, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. KerryS

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    ....for me anyway.

    Took a tour of the Sauk and the Skagit yesterday. This would be the last day of the year I can fish these rivers before they closed. Funny thing is I didn't bring any fishing gear with me. Took a couple of pics. Might post one or two up later.

    I seen only a few people fishing. A couple of boats and a couple bankies. I talked to two gear guides at Rockport and both were doing eagle gawkers. One said he is so booked with eagle gawkers he hasn't done a fishing trip almost the entire month. Nice to see the guides are adapting.

    Visited a couple of runs. The runs if I were to fish the river I would have pounded the shit out of. Nobody in them. Two of the only runs I would have bothered to fish at this time of year, with current conditions, had no one fishing them. I know if a steelhead were in the river they would have been in these runs. I am not so removed from the game that I no longer can read the river and understand where the fish will be.

    The few bankies I saw were likely not going to catch anything because of the water they choose to fish. I don't think they understood the water well. The Skagit was a bit high and somewhat colored. Not badly colored but it wasn't in perfect shape. The guys I saw fishing were not taking the conditions into consideration when choosing where to fish. I guess this is what the fish need; to be left alone.

    The end of my fishing for Skagit/Sauk steelhead has arrived. I don't even bother taking fishing gear to the river anymore.
  2. Hillbilly Redneck

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    I went out and halfheartedly fished a few holes on the Sauk Sat. between the reservation and the hippy shack. It was more about just getting out and fishing it once before it closed than anything else. There was quite a few bankies out. Only a few boats. The weather sucked and so did the catching. It pretty much met my expectations.
  3. Those bankies you criticize had 100% better chance of encountering a steelhead than you Kerry. Walk the talk ; )
  4. bennysbuddy

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    The reality is that the skagits steelhead fishing glory days are over , it's a bitter pill to swallow , but the river is now a eagle viewing area and not much else !!!!
  5. Panhandle

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    That's a sad commentary on steelheading these once fabled rivers.
  6. William B.

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    Landed my first steelhead on the Skagit 31 years ago at the age of 11, moved to the O.P. 8 years ago to mabee fish a bit more and teach my son how to fish for steelhead before all the rivers close. In the past 8 years I have made it back to fish the mighty Skagit just once. I felt as if I had lost an old friend swinging a run up river a few years back. Well I wish everybody headed out here hand a fancy Camera hanging around there neck looking at the birds.
  7. Nooksack Mac

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    I was on the Skagit and Sauk today, and I damn well did take my tackle along. The Sauk and the Skagit downstream were bank-high, with knee-deep visability; clearer upstream. I caught a 5-6 pound dollie on a 4" orange rabbit strip leech. Saw two cohos caught on the Skagit above the Cascade on artificial eggs.

    I usually need some recouperation time after a day's winter steelheading, but I may hit it again tomorrow. Note to Kerry: After tomorrow, winter really begins, and not in a good way.
  8. KerryS

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    No, they had almost zero chance of hooking a steelhead. Kinda of tough to hook up when there are few fish in the river and you fish water that wouldn't hold fish even if there were some swimming. You can call it criticizing but I call it being realistic.
  9. T Dave

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    It's a shame, but I understand where you are coming from. I hope that day never comes for me
  10. I just meant at least they were out there fishing! Not trying to criticize how one spends their day in such beautiful country but regardless of how much you know about steelhead catching it's kinda tough to hook up when you leave your tackle at home.
  11. golfman65

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    I had my best year on the skagit this year...partially due to more time on the water (still only get the one day a week to fish) and finding good water...paritally or mostly due to being enlightened on things I was doing wrong and reading up and working on getting it right...

    It kills me to be a bankie because there is only so much you can do when hiking in...and my toon sits at home as no one has one or wants to do drifts...

    Sat. was my last day out and I hiked a ways into a run to find three older guys sitting in a raft down there...I went up and fished the water that most would think wasn't any good but actually is damn one good tug but that was it...the older guys went in below me...

    (which I'm not bitching about as they were there be it...though I did wonder about coming in below someone who's already walked out...kind of an unwritten rule when fishing up north was to leave the bank water to the guys who hiked in...but this is Wa. and I'll be dead honest here...The guys I've met who live up there...mostly gear but a few fly guys..are damn nice people and I enjoy talking to them on the bank...Met guys who might scare some looks wise but turn out to be some of the coolest guys I've met on any river...offer to move for you..ask where your fishing..tell you where they've seen other fly guys hook up....good people in my book...guys who come in from somewhere else..sure seem to think they have privileges that I don't understand? Just saying...)

    Probably should have stayed and fished through a couple times but had a tired soul with me who wanted to move on...a couple of the other runs we planned on fishing had guys in um, so we did some exploring and found a spot I had been looking for awhile..but was too high to fish...

    Wind was shit kicking down low...rain and sleet..and we called it early...I am lucky...I have my b.c. license as well so the season is still young for that...

    I will say purely a selfish observation...I never fished the ska git in it's glory can only judge it by todays standards....I have only been fishing it going on three years really...and I love that river...more so as I learn more and find more out about it....I'm glad in a way others are so put off as then I don't have to deal with them...I dig the local "Hillbillies" as they recognize your rig pretty quick and when they deem you "OK" I don't feel like I need to worry about anything happening to it...They don't tolerate thieves that much from what I've seen...
    Fished enough spots where you need to hide your truck or come with nothing and still in the back of your mind your thinking about getting broken into....sure is nice to see the gurl with the unibrow walking her pit bull every couple hours around your truck and knowing or thinking she has a crush on your LJB...:)

    Wheter it's dealing with the thermals in the summer or snow in the winter....

    I'll miss her till she opens again...
  12. KerryS

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    Good on you Golf. I am glad to hear someone had a good year. The runs I mentioned in my original post you can almost park your truck in them. Easy access, perhaps to easy, still nobody there. I could have missed anyone fishing these runs but there should have been a couple of guys in them.

    It was possible to have several multi fish days on the Skagit back when. I caught three steelhead from one run within 10 casts of each other. I doubt any fly guy is doing that now. One of the reasons I have a hard time fishing it anymore and I didn't really see the "glory" days either.