The new Battenkill click pawl has arrived

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by IveofIone, May 2, 2013.

  1. I picked mine up in Coeur D'Alene today and was the first guy in the territory to receive one. It is even more beautiful than the pictures, is utterly simple, very smooth, sounds sweet and is very
    light--2.9 oz. Loaded with 70 yds of backing and a new peach 444 DT 4 wt it weighs in at 4.1 oz. The click pawl drag has 4 distinct settings by virtue of rotating a cam inside.

    I tried it on a brand new Redington CT 9' 4wt rod that I bought last fall and it is obvious that despite the light weight of the CT the reel doesn't balance the longer rod at all. I tried it on an 8'6'' 4wt rod that weighs .4 oz more than the CT and it balances much better despite the added weight. Since I am gearing up for some small stream fishing I think I will just try to sell the new Redington 9' or trade for an 8' rod of equal performance.

    It is nice to see an old concept made new with modern materials and machining. Compared to many of the new reels that look like ghetto wheels on a pimp's Escalade, it has that classic narrow spool look with no adornments. Just pure trout reel and nothing else. It should be a dandy.

  2. Where is the freaking picture!!! :)
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  4. ....and this... IMG_0756.JPG
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  5. So is this a replacement for the BBS reels? Or a replacement for something else? Or something new from Orvis all together.
  6. It looks like a decent reel at an economical price. I like the narrow spool. I think the most significant thing about it is that its being offered by one of the major players. Although I suppose it would have to be as it is a niche market product.

  7. Very nice Ive! I love a click-pawl myself. My Hardy Lightweight is probably my favorite because of its own classic looks. I also have a BBS that I turned into a clicker by taking the drag system's guts out. Now I'm itching to check out the reel you have. Thanks man- hope you catch a lot with it.
  8. You notice how ORVIS is featured prominently on the front of the reel. Soon Ive will be shaving regularly and wearing pressed fishing shirts. Oh and shopping for a new Subaru Forester..
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  9. Somebody tell me quick if they see the BBS reels go on clearance.

    Also, love to hear a comparison between the two if anyone has had their hands on both. My BBS II has been a great reel for me. And I haven't treated it all that gently.
  10. The Orvis logo on the reel front seems pretty tasteful to me. I just wonder though why they couldn't make the name Battenkill II even larger on the back? Seems like Orvis is missing out on an opportunity for people to read the name from more than 50 yards away.

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  11. Josh, it seems like I recall those BBS reels being on sale at half price in the past month or two. The cost was less than I paid for the new click pawl but I already had the reel reel on order at the time and wasn't interested. It did seem like a helluva deal though.
  12. Kent, I wondered the same thing. Seems like they could have made the Battenkill II logo holographic or at least glow in the dark!

  13. I've owned a couple of the BBS reels with several extra spools. Even at full retail I think they're one of the best on the market (even WITH a disc drag!) At half price, they'd hands-down be the best value in a new reel available today.

  14. I own a bunch of Orvis click-pawl reels, from a very early CFO to the late Battenkills before they went disc drag, and I really like them for their simplicity, durability and good looks. This new one looks great and is machined from bar stock aluminum, to boot.

    One question: it has a single pawl and looks to be set for RHW by default. No problems for me, I'm leftie caster, but is changing to LHW as simple as Orvis says on their website?

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  15. Last month they were 1/2 price on the Orvis website for a while. They seem to be showing up at clearance sites too.
  16. THAT bums me out. PLEASE let me know if anyone sees that again.
  17. They disontinued the "regular" Batttenkill and replaced it with this. When Ive first posted about this new reel, Orvis had pulled the old Battenkill from the website. I think the old Battenkill was a cast reel where this is machined.
  18. I went with the Redington Drift reels, as they are machined and lightweight. They balance out light weight rods I have such as the Sage SPL and LL.

    But looking at the new weight and size of these, I'll have to check them out for my 0 and 1wt rods.

    Looking at the BBS reels, they are bar stock machined...but the models the BBS replaced were cast.
  19. There is no significant difference between a BBS reel manufactured using modern cast and machined and barstock machined methods in regards to day to day use. Abuse either one and they will break or bend. The design of the BBS is well suited to either production method.

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