The new city dump at Sky.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by stewart dee, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Seven different contacts I have a guy from the county invoved in the cleanup. A crew will be out in a week or so for the trailer cleanup. Thanks for the help I am looking at the third weekend of the new year to meet in the public fishing parking lot. Clean up and some fishing sounds like what everyone is looking for on saturday.
  2. I'm standing by. Just say when!
  3. likewise, im free most weekends and will help in any way possible.
  4. I ran into the flipping out tweaker very close to the campground. It's funny, you can see the makeshift camps on google maps. :) They don't clean them out because it is VERY important that our police officers are busy making sure everyone drives 35 mph through sultan. The end of days could happen if, god forbid, someone drives 36 mph through there. :)

    Hey, do we have enough trucks to haul the stuff out? I just sold mine and will have to borrow my brother's truck if we need an extra.
  5. If the weekend is right and the time fits, I have truck and a trailer, 4X9 ft, open with a tarp I can tow up there. Is there a place to haul the garbage to? It's a long haul from Tacoma but if you need it, I can come. I wouldn't mind fishing. I've never been there.
  6. Looks like a good turnout.. Second week in Jan. we all want to fish ,meet in the public parking lot in Sultan. If you would like to have bags and extra gloves for others than thats great. Have a good rod and fly, someone will hook up a pig! second Saturday at 9:00 am. I will have Bags and water,THANKS!
  7. Well when you get done with the Sky. You ought to go over the the Sultan. That place is one of the dirtiest river I have ever fished when I lived in Washington.
  8. 2nd week in January: I will be present
  9. I got out to the Sky in Sultan and a couple other spots on the river today. Things were nasty in Sultan. There were numerous groups of tweakers milling around the bridge sipping on the finest of schwill. They apparently had a van they were cruising around, which is probably real good. This was the worst I've seen it, and it cut my fishing short as I was a bit nervous to be walking to my car after dark solo. I won't be around for the cleanup, unfortunately, but I hope you have a good turnout. Showing that someone gives a shit is the first step.
  10. Keep me updated! I'm up for it if I am available on the weekend and time frame that you are planning.
  11. by public parking lot, you're talking about the gravel lot by the bridge with the launch, correct?
  12. Stewart, if you could somehow get the betty in your avatar to show up for the trash pic up, I think you;ll have more than enough volunteers...:thumb:
  13. OK the meeting place is off Mann road just a stones throw from town, the public parking lot just over the bridge. Please show up everyone and meet some new friends, this will be fun. 9:00am second Saturday in Jan. 2010. Happy New Year and THANKS for the help.
  14. where in relation to this marker i placed on here is the public parking lot? i'm drawing a blank on any parking lots being through there.
  15. I assume he means the lot on 311th just over the bridge. Google maps has 311th listed as Mann RD / Ben Howard Rd for some reason.
  16. Yes the south side of 311th bridge.
  17. Looks like the weather will be in shape for Saturday, I will have a big awning some chairs, water, a propaine heater, gloves and bags. Just show up and give a little help, there will be a big name present so this should be fun. This Saturday at 9am Mann Road parking lot in Sultan, THANKS.
  18. hey stewart, thansk again for organizing all of this.
    I have a doctors appointment at 11 AM but will do my part in coming at 9 AM and helping out as much as possible until I have to leave.
    and looks like i won't have much time to fish :/
  19. Hey thanks for the time that you will invest.
  20. I'm getting a wisdom tooth extracted friday... but I'm going to be a man and come anyway. See you guys there

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