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  1. In two weeks the Okanogan WSU extension office is putting on a field day for range and forest property owners. The office is located on the south side of Mt. Hull, my property is on the north side. Luckily there is a Forest Service road that goes over the top and right to the WSU office.

    I took my trail bike to go find where exactly it is and how long it takes to get there from our house. The 3525 is a main artery that I use to hunt the old logging spur roads for grouse in the fall. It's a very familiar road to me, at least the north side of the mountain.

    I was about a mile into the 3525 and rounding a corner when this large black shape flashed in front of me. All I saw was about three quarters of it's shape as it was half airborne off the side of the road disappearing into the timber. From the front shoulder to the tip of it's long bushy tail it had the unmistakable shape of a canine. The shocker was it's size, at least twice the size of my 50 pound Standard Poodle, Sasha. All I could say was "HOLY SHIT"! It was a WOLF!

    I jumped on the binders and slid to a stop and peered over the drop off into the timber. Nothing! It disappeared, totally. I was astounded on how fast such a large animal could vanish with no trace. I checked the road surface for tracks to validate what I had just seen but it was too hard packed and gravelly to leave a print. I wondered for a moment it I was having a peyote or shroom flash back, but was fairly sure it was real. "HOLY SHIT"! "A WOLF"...

    At the Alpine Brewery that night I recounted my story to the locals and they all agreed there has been sightings of either wolves or cross breeds that rumor has it someone release into the wild. Maybe I wasn't just the old man who cried wolf...
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  2. Flashback. Don't let all the wolf hype get to ya' Roper. You know as well as I do that there are more wolves on the internet than in the natural environment these days.

    "Holy shit!"
  3. My what a bushy tail you have!
  4. The "squatch" people hear evidence of sasquatch everytime they go out so why shouldn't Roper see a wolf? There are more wolves in WA state than squatchies. Unless..... the 'squatch are shapeshifters.
  5. One gal at the Alpine thought it was probably a chupacabra...:D
  6. I saw a coyote that could have been thought to be a chupe. It had real bad mange and probably wouldn't have survived winter. We shot it with a regular copper jacketed bullet - no silver.
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  7. good thing you weren't wearing your red riding jacket.....
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  8. This old man never cried Wolf.
  9. Works for me. I know some steelhead are shapeshifters. They start out as steelhead when I hook them and turn into a very larger sucker by the time I land them.
  10. If YOU go down to the WOODS today... you BETTER wear a disguise (Teddy bears picnic, since I can't put down the music.)
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  11. Landlocked Atlantic Salmon hybrid...fear the furry fish most when it crosses the road before you.
  12. I'll start the tall tales . . . . .

    I really did see a canine in the mild of no-where in Northeast Oregon once that was WAY too big to be a coyote. Different colors and HUGE! It was alone but it vanished like a phantom.
  13. That was very likely a wolf as there are at least 2 known packs in the Wallowas/Blues. One member of a Wallowa Pack traveled all the way to Northern California.
  14. This is no tall tale I was walking down a country road recently and saw the biggest Pt Bull mix I have ever seen. He did not vanish but stood his ground. Scared the crap out of me, I wasn't packing so I carefully backed away and around the corner.
    There were 38 verified human deaths by dogs in 2012, 23 by Pit Bulls. There have been only 2 verified killings of humans by wolves in the U.S. ever. I say we get the anti wolf crusaders after Pit bulls and their kind and exterminate the entire breed, before they take over the country.
    Jesse (packing in Pit Bull country)
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  15. Hey Jesse, How close are you to those fires at Estes Park.

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