the Original pontoon boat...

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  1. I thought this might be of interest to some here...

    Old Pontoon Boat.jpg

    Union General Herman Haupt on the Potomic R. 1850's or early '60's.
  2. Wow! Thanks for posting that.
  3. I like his casting platform. That is very cool!
  4. Looks more solid than some of the crap I see floating in the summertime!
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  5. Even back then they had issues getting the correct oars shipped with your order......
  6. Scadden just Rated it for class V Rapids:eek:
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  7. I call that a fish gitter!!!
  8. Isn't that the guy that escaped from Alcatraz?
  9. That dude was ahead of his time. If he only knew what kind of patent royalties he and his heirs missed out on, he'd probably die a second time. i wonder what the pontoon were made from -- look like compressed gas bottles?
  10. That platform looks like the perfect place to nap while chironomid fishing.

  11. Looks like his boots make pretty good fins. Early Force technology

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