"The Passion Of Dick Cheney" by Matt Labash

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by papafsh, Sep 17, 2008.

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    I don't know single Democrat out of hundreds that would do this golfman. Seriously, if you think you can generalize we Democrats like this and be even close to correct than this country is completely and utterly screwed.

    The only liberals stupid enough to generalize that much about Republicans are on a college campus and smoke reefer for breakfast and those punks should def. grow up. I think Obama would tell you the same.
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    I see it on both sides.
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    Both Bush and and Cheney are fisherman. So I guess they haven't done wonderful things like dewater the klamath causing a massive fish kill or try to list hatchery salmon as wild salmon so they can not be covered by the endangered species act. Or support mining activity and forest clear cutting that harms our streams.

    Then there was midcurrent's link calling Cheney the biggest asshole of flyfisherman for using 3 blackhawk helicopters to flyfish in Idaho, flying right over the river spooking the fish.
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    You prove my point Jason, you missed the whole reason for the reply...does your generation ever read past the first line or scratch under the surface of anything??? Do you get all your bible from CNN, I honestly don't think you guys got a fucking clue about what's been happening to you the last four years? Unbelievable!!!
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    Hey man. I am not the one generalizing. I am just trying to make the point that you can't do that and be right. It isn't possible. Democrats and Republicans are real people with real diversity amongst them.

    I agree with many Republicans I know and I disagree with many Democrats I know but I identify myself as a Democrat for my own reasons yet I have voted for Republicans in the past because I vote for the most qualified person most of the time unless they harbor some weird agenda I can't be on board with.

    I wasn't trying to piss you off or insult you and I can see how you would take what I said as aimed at you but it wasn't. I just had to say that I have many friends who are Democrats and I have never heard them call all Republicans "rednecks" and if I did I would call them out on it for being stupid and I would do the same to my Republicans friends.

    And again, if you are really scared of "my generation", you just have to ignore college campus'. Those kids will grow up eventually and get a job et cetera and end up seeing a different world. I used to be one of them.

    Sorry dude, I really don't think there is anything wrong with what you said other than that all Democrats think Republicans are "rednecks" and are for censorship, that is just flat wrong in my experience.

    I totally agree with the rest of your post.

    I really f*ucking hate all the name calling and stereotyping in politics no matter who says it. There is a serious problem in this country with people not being able to see the diversity and humanity, just the stereotypes and colors.

    What do you mean about the last 4 years? I have no clue what you are talking about. If you said the last 8 years I would know but the last for?
  6. Golfman, aside from your first line, I agree with you 100%. I think you've really hit the nail on the head, and far better than I could have. Thank you for your well-considered response. It's time for REAL patriots to stand up and take this country back from the back-room dealers and the bastids who think of big business first and our citizens second. It's clear you and I are on the same page. I'm just sick of being called a "hater" 'cause I believe the government exists to serve me WITHOUT a religious agenda, etc. I want a president who can think and act for himself, not just a puppet with Cheney/Rove's hand up his ass, doing the talking.

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    Good one Rich. iagree
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    Exactly...Look for a show on (Of all people) larry flint .. You'd be amazed...Some of the shit he brought up, did to the parties, went to court for etc. are truely amazing..I never thought I'd have any respect for a porn dealer...but it's pretty hilarious...

    I missed allot of this, I never knew the rescue of the little blondie by our troops was all staged..I never knew she testified to that in front of congress and none of the news channels carried it... He's also right in one regard, News is no longer about the trueth or what is right or wrong...It's about entertainment and the bottom line!!!

    I have to sit back though and drink less coffee in the morning before reading these..I should know better as I've dropped one kid off at his campus last year and have two more to go...Forgot what is was like to be young and have only one...errr two things on my mind!!!:ray1: Will try not to flame anymore on these subjects...i'm here for the fishing..
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    Thanks papafish, that was a good laugh. Perhaps your best catch this year. Kind of like drifting a wounded baitfish imitation over a pod of pirana, that find it wholly impossible to resist rising to the hook. :D:D:D:D
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    Who's the Fish ?
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    Salt dog you are truly a perceptive dude!

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    So you're trolling? Great..........
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    Trolls. They do exist.
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    No he's taking credit where it's not due, re-read papas second post for clarification.
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    Yeah WTF.

    So what are you Papafish???

    Chicken? :D
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    iagree, sort of.
    I spotted this as a passive-agressive troll right from the start. It really sucked.
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    Sorry, but yes, this IS the Republican Party. If the rationale, reasonable contingent couldn't keep control of the party, that's a shame, but this current configuration IS still the Republican Party. Don't like it? Change it, or join the other side. But Bush/Cheney/Palin(and locally, BIAW and Rossi) are TRULY the Republican Party of the 21st Century.:beathead::beathead: