"The Passion Of Dick Cheney" by Matt Labash

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by papafsh, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Why Jimbo...you are also very perceptive...dude!!!!!

    No I will confess that I truly intended to relate a well written story about a true fly fisher, who happens to be Dick Cheney.
    Even the writer is not a true fan of the VP (said so in the article right up front), but he did wrangle a free fishing trip out of it in spite of that, smart man.
    His, Matt Labash's, little dig with the "Pistol Pete" fly was priceless humor in good taste. I'm sure that same fly would elicit similar reproach from many on this board.
    The fact that the first two reply's to my original post were, well, what they were, set the tone for the remainder of the following posts.
    I've been on this board long enough to know how some of you react, based on your anti-conservative rants in the past, and was not too surprised when you ran true to form.
    So keep on bashing me and others if that makes you feel better, but your vitriol says more about you than anyone.
    The only thing we have in common is fly fishing, that's enough for me. Like I said before, you believe what you want, and so will I, if you don't like it too bad. After all it's not like we ever have to fish together which suits me, and you I'm sure.

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    Papafish- I think that you need to re-read your first two reply's. I did not bash you, or bash republicans despite the fact that I have differences with both. I just referenced another site that showed a differing opinion.

    I wish that I was taxed less, but Im just middle class. So the tax cuts that the Republicans like to run on never help me. I wish that there was better fishing but despite the fact Dick likes catching fish he does not support enviromental regulations that would help fish but slightly hinder big buisness. I wish that the republican party was conservative, but they spend massive amounts of my money on a war that will only benifit big buisness and allow us a slightly cheaper dependance on big oil. I wish that the Republican party were as holly as they like to act.

    I think we have alot of change to go through on both the republican and democrat side before I am happy with our government, but until then I will vote the environment.

    Also I would recomend that you reread your first two posts.

    Good fishing
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    I can't speak for the others but I think you flung as much crap as soon as you had the smallest reason. You may be on the other side of the aisle so to speak but you are just as covered in crap.

    There is a weird connection. What made you think I am not a conservative? I am a 100% conservative.

    Just because I think Cheney is slime doesn't mean I am not conservative and just because I don't vote for Republicans most of the time doesn't mean I don't fully embrace conservativism because I do.

    You bashed back but I already covered that above. It takes two to tango.

    Um okay.........

    I think the only thing we actually established as a difference was we some of us don't like Cheney and you do.

    We all still need money. Love this country. Breath air and drink water.

    Hell yeah we will believe what we want and so will you. It is a free country, just don't act like you are above all this because you started it and you flung doo in your second post.

    I.E. if you think our $hit stinks than so does yours.
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    Chris must be on vacation.
    This trash talk has lasted to long.
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    The funny thing is a web page has a graph on the debt, and from Reagan on under republican president the line representing debt is much higher than that of republicans. Like a %30 line for republicans and a %10 line or stable line for democrats. Maybe someone can google it and find it. Someone posted it on (I think ROFF, a usenet group)