The perfectly tuned instrument

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. :beathead:
  2. I'm not even gonna touch this one- But....
    That rod will throw a lead rope through a key hole at 100 ft if the guy on the business end does his part correctly - With many different lines ....
  3. What' s your deal Leroy? Is that really what you got from my post? Have different rods for different applications, and lines to match the application with said rod. What does that rod being able to cast any line 100 ft have to do with the context of my post? Dude...... I hope we get a chance to cast together this fall. :thumb:
  4. tuning the outfit into the bliss zone, nice one Pan-
  5. Steve is a great guy and does good work. You are correct matching the rod and line is a huge difference.

  6. Simply put, I think the "perfectly tuned instrument" is over rated ... What is the perfect set up by definition anyway? Many like a heavy load, some a light load. Which is correct? What one is perfect, when both think theirs is??
    I think way more is put into equipment, and not near enough into putting in the time and effort to learn to cast. That rod certainly doesn't need a "perfect line" to shine on the water, Ive cast several different weights and types of lines with it, and it matterd little to the rod, I had to make the adjustments, and it smoked with all of them - I hope we get to cast together this fall too, bet You'll learn nothing and I'll learn everything :thumb::thumb: As far as distance goes, I'll spot you 15' right now:rofl: Bring that fancy line and a 6 pack of brew You aren't affraid to loose...BWAHAHAHA!!
  7. BTW, what's a "Longerbelly skagit" anyways ???
  8. Seriously?
  9. Fine, I'll play, i'mbored too. What would you call a NW Skagit head?
  10. I know I can fruitlessly fish longer if its an easy casting rig,,,,,just sayin....:rofl:

    Sorry bud I could not let it pass,,,I too enjoy the perfect cast of rug matching drapes:thumb:..too much cowbell is so wrong too bad it works!
  11. Panhandle, I dig your post and understand what you are saying about a line that just works right with the rod. I have two of Steve Godshall's lines and the rods that they match just sing with those lines. Everyone should know that I'm still a horrible caster but with the right line, a good balancing reel and a willingness to put in some time that great output with little effort is a great thing! Glad you went with Steve and glad what you got is rocking the new rod.

    I think that a NW Skagit head, at what, 35', wouldn't that be a long skagit? Not a compact in the twenties, but a long skagit. I have a NW Skagit for one of my rods and the thing I like about it is the more full range of motion it allows...but it is not as good as my Steve Godshall custom on that same rod.
  12. Probably a "Nothwest skagit head" or.....A "Longerbellie skagit" ...??? DING DING DING, tell him what he's won Johhny !!!

    A new term in my book, ya learn something every day-
  13. Look up "tempered tuning" :rofl:

    If someone knows exactly what they want, why should they buy off the shelf? Sounds like you found someone who could understand you when you described your requirements. That's pretty rare. Congratulations.
  14. Leroy and Pan
    You guys are like two brothers that fight over Chevy or Ford.
    What happens when you guys get together and drink? Anyone end up in the emergency room?

    Floating beads through a bucket is just pure bliss.
  15. Just an observation...I get what both of you are saying...but that rod will cast a lead rope like Leroy says..your definition of looking for such system I find a bit odd though....Why would you want a mid length skagit line for medium flies? I believe they make a line called the delta (reg not long) which does exactly that and pretty damn well...the nextcast fall favorite or w.a. will do it even better...

    I've been wanting to see for awhile a longer skagit for bigger junk..but that's like arguing over why they can't make oranges blue like stewies balls??? physic's my dear...

    I would strongly recommend you check out the tipped version of the 45' fall favorite...if that one doesn't work for you....I think it's one of the most intriguing lines I've tried in awhile...for medium to smaller sized flies...

    God I'm sick of throwing the junk...and tying it...back to some nice small classic's and bugs...summer can't come soon enough....
  16. Its not complicated, I just had a line in mind for casting light tips and practitioner size flies. I already have a long belly floater rod. So rather than using a shorter head that requires too much stripping, or a longer belly that wouldn't turn over as well. Really though, I did it because I wanted to and can. I hope that rationalizes it for you.
  17. Its hard hucking bobbers? Golfy likes W.A. because it could turn over a small bead and sinkers.... believe... the force is strong with that one.
    Besides he likes Fo' Noodles, so he knows mannnnn.
  18. Hey you posted it....

    I was just trying to say, if your worried about stripping there are other lines besides a glorified skagit that will do the same thing and are a lot more fun to fish and cast IMHO...

    Fuck I'm sick of the damn things...they are the right tool for the job in certain situations for sure...I just am getting to the point that I regret when I have to put um on and love when I get to take them off...
  19. You talkin about that jock strap?
  20. Nothing wrong with a set up that does the trick for you. Buuuuut, you may want to check into the airflow Tactical steelhead... or a scandi, just saying....kind of depends on what your style is and the rod action....and about 100 other things...

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