The perfectly tuned instrument

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Jeez Pan sounds like your going all "Zen" on us here.
    I do like your line about pure bliss although I am not sure I have had that on a river.. lol
  2. Because he wanted to and can! 'nuff said!
  3. Two words, AIRFLO DELTA-
    Stew you are a funny man !!!!:rofl::rofl:
    Pan, as long as u r happy, that's all that matters- I don't think this has anything to do with rationalizing, but why would a guy want a skagit of any type for small/medium flies ? All ya need to do is upsize a delta, and yer golden for some surprisingly big flies...
  4. Give a guideline Power Taper or DDC a shot...sinking or floating. It's a line that is meant to be customized, tweaked and fine tuned. Would meet all the specified needs you listed and be a joy to cast. Snake roll or single spey, this line will do it with tips and medium fly.

    I would be interested in seeing a taper and grain breakdown of the line Steve Godshall built for you.
  5. I'd be interested in reading the original post.
  6. Trevor, you really didn't miss much
  7. Homer could do that. Look at a rod that he had never seen before, talk to the caster to get an idea of what he wanted and then build an almost perfect line. If it wasn't perfect, he would adjust it for you until it fit.

    I love these guys that push custom built boutique rods but if someone talks about a custom built line they think its a waste of time. Freakin' rookies.
  8. What Jergens said....

    Basically, I was raving about a great new custom line I got and the importance of having a matching set-up. What followed was two pages of people telling me what line I should have gotten and how my rod could cast any line on the market. I deleted it to save eveyones time and give the next guy a turn on the whipping post. Classic WFF. :rofl:
  9. Pan...I don't get how you got so upset about some of the questions? I didn't read any bashing of your choice but others suggestions of lines that work well for what you described being after...thought that was the original idea of posting a topic was that if you did so, you were cyber talking and others could reply...

    I think it's great you came up with a line that works for you on your rod...I think everyone is about that..It was your description of what line you got for what reasons and that opened up the talk of other lines that would and will work well for the same...ditto on that rod..I would expect the same if I was to post I got a 14' 6/7 mieser MKS and had steve make me a skandit for it because I want to throw medium sized flies with it.....those are two very powerful rods...It sounded to me like you were saying the rod was matching up for the line etc. and guys were replying that that stick can throw just about anything you put on it...IMHO they weren't bashing you but complimenting your taste in rods...and off handedly letting you know (though I know you do) what else that rod will do....which is cool and what spey rods are all about hopefully...

    The delta, the Fall Favorite, I forgot about the tactical steelhead, that line with a floater or reg. tip is a monster...Scandi's etc.

    So many lines coming down the pipe it's interesting to discuss them and if your upset about your post..I will open a new one and ask what's everyone's favorite for everything but heavy junk...I was kind of digging reading that on here so maybe that's a better idea...

    Just glad you found a line that makes it fun to fish and fits your's kind of amazing what they can do now....

    Oh and sorry more you grouch!!! :)
  10. I agree Golffy, u r on it-
    Open discussion about differing opinions can lead to learning an interesting, thought provoking dialogue, that helps others think outside the box. Or we can have 2 pages of "Yup, Me to" so that everyone will be happy... Screw that- Let's talk it out and maybe we will learn something, maybe if i disagree, and someone explains , I'll learn or vice versa. Or, we can act like little girls and get pissed on the Internet 'cause someone challenged our thoughts ... You know, the land of oz type shit where everything is rosy...
    I don't like the last option-
  11. To be honest, I'm not going to 'wade' through all the above posts. But a good point was made early on: "Simply put, I think the "perfectly tuned instrument" is over rated ... What is the perfect set up by definition anyway? Many like a heavy load, some a light load. Which is correct? What one is perfect, when both think theirs is?? "

    The 'perfectly tuned instrument' is YOU and your casting style with a given rod/line choice (what ever that may be). I've a garage full of custom rods done up by Meiser and Anderson, and one by Steve Gotshall (a fibre glass switch). Been around these fellow long enough that each knows 'my casting style' and take that into account when they send me a new rod and custom line. Heck of it is, they'll take that into account with the 'custom cut' line sent with the rod.

    'Fred, you do what you do ... but we're NOT going to allow you to do that with this 'xyz rod. 'That's not what the design calls for.' Collectively, they've only been 'wrong' once.

    My Bad, their Good?
  12. I personally like "Perfectly tuned", of course that's a personal thing but then again I'm not fishing just anyone's rod, I'm fishing mine. Pan was just saying "His rod is perfectly tuned...for him, the rod and the situations he plans to use it with. Personally, I don't think anyone could "Perfectly tune" a rod for "Me" over the phone...perhaps get close, but I'd still have to tweak it.
  13. Yup, dead on Bro., dead on.

  14. Fred, in your prior post you said the perfectly tuned" thing" is "over-rated," and more or less dismiss it. You wake up this morning and the concept is "spot on." I think too many of you guys are just looking to be contrary for the sake of debate. I get that, cause I do it too.

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