The Pinprick!

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by johnk, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. johnk

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    Johnk, thanks for posting some of your patterns. I really like the looks of them! Question: is the wood duck thread the abdomen and the rust thread the thorax? I think I'm seeing a color change there, but the body also looks a little multi-colored.[/quote]

    Yes, wood duck for the abdomen. Hard to notice with the shine.
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  2. Mike Ediger

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    Well I may have to give something another shot. Either Silvercreeks stuff as I have talked to him before, or CCG Hydro.
  3. jwg

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    UV cure resins can be pretty thick for applying to a chironomid pattern, at least thats the case for what I have used.

    So I prefer SHHN for chironomids. Use a new bottle, be sure to drain and wipe excess off the brush and the stem of the brush before applying, then apply liberally, but quickly wick off the excess by touching the underside and letting the excess drain off. The surface tension while its still fluid should pull it into an even coating. You cannot dawdle or apply over and over again for this approach to work.

    When using UV cure resins, there are two ways to overcome tackiness. It stays tacky on the surface because oxygen inhibits the curing reaction. So for patterns where it makes sense, like a thorax back, or scud back, you can cover the resin with some clear plastic wrap and then cure it through the plastic, and pull the plastic off. Or you can cure it normally but then take it outside in the sun. The sunlight is so much more intense, it can promote the cure even if the surface is exposed to the air.