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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by plaegreid, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Alright you guys, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get into the long-rod game. I think taking up crack or meth might be a better choice, but I'm sticking to my guns and goin' with it.

    Here's the thing: I'm a broke-ass punk.

    Solution to problem #1: I got my girlfriend to hook me up with a super part-time job (Sunday night every other week or so).

    Issue 2 is I don't know dilly about this game. I've been doing some research; I think I can get a setup for under $350; two birds, one stoner.


    Rod: ARE 12' 7/8 - $100
    My Logic: It's cheap and I've heard mostly good things about ARE and their rods
    Reel: Echo Ion - $80
    My Logic: Most reviews are pretty solid, especially for the price.
    Head: Airflo Skagit Compact head - $55
    My Logic: It's short and I'm new.
    Running Line: Airflo Ridge - $40
    My Logic: I'm not a fan of mono and I like the color.
    Backing and Tips: Still deciding - < $80

    Total = approx $350

    So. There it is, my genius plan. I need you guys to rip it apart; I need constructive criticism here. I plan to use it on the local rivers for schteel and maybe salmon. I honestly have no clue if I'm being crazy stupid or if this is a solid rig, so show nary an ounce of mercy if it's butts-out nutso.

    And for no reason, here is an octopus:
  2. It sounds like you have a really solid game plan. But, if you're trying to do it on the cheap I'd change a couple things (I'm pretty awesome at saving money to blow on more extravagant things down the road).

    1. Get amnesia running line (it's $5 and it shoots better--it comes in orange too)
    2. Buy 2 sink tips, 15' type 3 and type 6--they'll cover 90% of the steelhead fishing you'll do. And don't buy expensive backing, or find a spool of 50# braided line on closeout. (all told right around $40-50)
    3. For your $80 I'll sell you one of two nicer reels that I'm looking to offload (they're nice, but I am converting my reel fleet to old click pawl reels)--Feel free to PM if you're interested.

    Bam. $275!

    Nice 'for no reason' octopus.
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  3. You can find skagit flight heads for around 20 bucks right now too.
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  4. I have cast the ARE 12' 7/8 before and really liked it. We only tried with a SGS Scandi line, but it really was nice to cast. Really the person who has the rod got a flight and hope to meet up on Friday to try it again. The rod has plenty of backbone when you need it and very light in hand to be able to cast all day without fatigue.

    Also, broke a$$ punk don't mean anything, you don't have to own a $1100 dollar rod to fish, some of my best rods, meaning the best rods I cast are my cheaper priced 2 handers, even single handers. It is what you can afford and you can cast. Nothing wrong with the Ion reels either, I know many people love them as their to go to reel and back ups. Overall, I think you have a great set up, if you have any questions on the rod, look up Golfman on here, he has that rod. He is fishing today, but give him a shout with questions on the rod

    William BRAVEHEART Wallace
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  5. i have a large arbor cabelas reel i will let go for dirt cheap, just missing the counter balance, i have landed steelhead and salmon on it
  6. Solid octopus.

    Seems like you are pretty dialed. Personally I would throw down the extra bit to get a reel with good drag like a Lamson Konic for $150. Save the backing/tips money, just get 12' of T-11 and go fish.

    Ridgeline is perfect for starting out. Once you start casting more than 5-7 pulls you may want to upgrade to something with less drag. I think I have a spool of it somewhere I'd donate to the cause if it helps you get a better reel(and thus helps the fish).
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  7. 50lb test of trilen big game is like 9 bucks you will have 4 running lines
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  8. I would watch the ads here and on Speypages. You might also put out a wtb ad up as well. You can find tfo or echo rods for around $200.There just might be someone that has a nice setup not being used. I would see if there are any closeout Lamson konic 4 reels left and spend and extra $20. Derek had a some good suggestions for saving a couple of $.

    I also have a brand new batson rx7 13' 7wt that I built. If is a very nice rod and I have a Skagit compact that matches (choice of 480 or 510). I would let it go for $200 shipped.
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  9. Hey, have I ever told you guys that you're awesome? I don't know if you guys remember busting into this game, but there is so much crap to learn that it seems rather daunting.

    Baller. On the 'bay or in stores?

    THAT is what I like to hear!

    I'm not proud, I'll accept a donation of Ridgeline if you're offering! The Konic was my second choice, but just a hair pricier than I wanted to go.

    Thanks for the sweet offer LD, but I've had my eye on that ARE rod for a while. It's me being my weird, voodoo-magic-bs self, but IT CALLS TO MEEEE. No logic. Just feels.

    And to all you fine gentlemen (and Turds) that replied, thanks again. The confidence is slowly rising, and my bank account will surely be dropping a little soon.

    Have a squid:
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  10. This is what I have been building too, a poor man's spey outfit. All because I traded some stuff for a 12'6" 7wt Allen blank. It is all built now and I am learning to cast. Total invested: $250 + mono braid for building loops. I now plan to buy at least one factory tip, maybe a 10' 50/50 medium for my skagit head.

    Pretty fun learning and putting it all together. Enjoy!
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  11. I second that. For a reel I use old pflueger medalists 1498's. You can usually get them for around $35.00 bucks. I have the ARE 13 7/8 and other than the guides are small it does cast nice. The amnesia is another good suggestion.
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  12. I recommend the thirteen foot ARE rather than the twelve footer. It's more versatile and goes better with 7/8 lines. I have one as my yearround spare spey; and recently, when a club member asked me to set him up with a beginner outfit, I got him that (the new versions have two tips!) and an ARE large arbor reel, which came with an extra spool. I equipped it with a 540 grain Skagit Compact, which fits just right, as does the Airflo 7/8 Delta on the second spool.
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  13. +1 for the Medalist, a super cheap reel that still manages to scream "class"; or take Derek up on his offer for something that may last a little longer (now that medalists are Chinese)

    I'd buy the Skagit used, as you may change your mind as to grain weight, or make sure you go through a shop that will let you exchange it if you decide that it is too heavy or light or whatever.

    +1 for Amnesia

    Keep your sink tip purchases to a minimum, when I started I made a bunch of my own, now I only use 5' and 10' of t-14 in the winter. And a 10ft floating polyleader in the summer, unless the water is dirty in which case I use the 5' of t-14.

    Can I request a Jellyfish?
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  14. Looks like you're on the right track but may want to consider a 13' rod instead of 12'. You can weigh the pros and cons for yourself. Just a suggestion.
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  15. As Mr Braveheart said, I have that rod, except in the 4pce 13ft model. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I literally could not find a single bad review of the rod. Granted a lot of that has to do with the price point, but it is what it is. I'm sure most rods are "better" but you are saving so much cash and its a great value. If you make a good stroke, it will cast well. When William cast it the line looked so pretty in the air..super nice loop. I don't do that yet but I've seen it done in person so thats where I want to be at before I think about upgrading.

    It seems perfect for beginners. I still suck at casting but I can fish it just fine. The reality is that you can fish most rivers around here with 50ft casts. Scandi head is ~35ft, poly leader + tippet is ~15 ft...basically if you can just cast the head you're fishing within 50ft. Pretty awesome.

    If you want to cast mine sometime let me know. I got my whole outfit for $240ish. I have the ARE reel also...its nice, machined, and cheaper than an Ion (non-machined). The rod comes with 2 tips. I broke one of mine landing a fish and got it replaced for free (altho shipping was basically the same price). I have only used a scandi from Steve Godshall on it but just picked up a $20 skagit flight from Anil...looking forward to throwing that. The rod is a true 7 wt despite the 7/8 wt rating. Steve had it dialed to a ~500grn skagit if thats the route you wanted to go.

    PM me if you have any questions.
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  16. I can't find an "ARE" rod, and have never heard of the company. Is it an abbreviation or stand-alone name?

    While we're on this, I'm getting another rod for fishing the Wenatchee and the Methow, and am trying to pick between a 7 and a 6-weight. I already have a 6-wt Deer Creek switch, which works "kinda nicely" with a Skagit Switch head, but my Redington 8-wt Spey seems too much rod for these rivers. The Wenatchee's big enough for the Redington, but Methow's too small. Given the general size of the steelhead in them, I'm leaning toward the 6-wt. Watcha think, gents?
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  17. Anglers Roost
  18. Thanks, gents!
  19. i didnt realize that ARE was the anglers roost until matts post, it is actually a good rod minus the gooodshall line
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