The Poor Man's Setup

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by plaegreid, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    After careful consideration and a bunch of info from other guys on the site, I have decided to go with the 13 footer. A real deal is in the works; should have both purchased by Monday hopefully.



  2. John Wallace

    John Wallace Active Member

    I have cast that rod too. I am saving for the 13' one also. It is a great rod.
  3. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    The 6 wt. is a great all around rod and thats what I use a lot. But since the wenatchee is a 2 hour drive for me its a sure bet that I've got my 8wt hidden in the car in case the wind comes up, theres no doubt my 8 wt is my go to rod for battling the wind.
  4. Jason Chadick

    Jason Chadick A Fish, A Fish, A Fishy, Oh...

    Thank you.

    Excited to hear about the set-up.


  5. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    For running line, I still use that green Miracle Braid stuff. It's much cheaper than that Ridge stuff. I know you said you don't like the feel of mono running line, but if it's close to freezing out, I switch to Slick Shooter.
  6. fredaevans

    fredaevans Active Member

    As to sink tips, and this may have been brought up above, with rod that short (or even 13') a full on 15' sink tip for a Newbie is a 'non-starter.' Limit yourself to 10' or poly leaders. Candidly, start with sinking poly leaders as they 'lift' out of the water with ease.
  7. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    Fred's right on! I tied one on to my Spey rod today, and the 10-footer is fantastic! Gotta have more!
  8. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    OH SNAP. Christmas? In November?

    Special thanks to Derek Day for the reel, a bitchin' Pflueger.

  9. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    Sweet man

    Dude we are twins with our ARE's now. How awesome is that rod for just ~$100? Such a ridiculously good deal.
  10. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    It's a super classy looking piece, too; I was really impressed when I opened it up. I am jacked up to cast it. Just need to get a head and some tips. Maybe some Amnesia, too, since urryone has a boner for it.

    So. Freakin. Excited.
  11. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    Skagit or Scandi? 500grn for skagits on that rod, 450 for scandi.
  12. hookedonthefly

    hookedonthefly Active Member

    RAD thread! I have not forgotten saving up to be poor.

    Double D's one of the best folk I've ever met.

    Find some spey junkie that's got a bunch of lines that he has no use for/doesn't care about, i.e.- pm me for a head. Trade an IPA some day for postage. Pretty attached to my tip(s) though.
  13. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    I'm thinking Skagit, they seem pretty noob-tastic.

    I've gotta say, this has been one of the most civil and informative threads I think I've been a part of on this forum. As mother Martha would say, it's a good thing.

    You are correct about Derek being a pretty cool dude; I didn't chat with him long, but he's polite and knows his fishin', so he's two up on me.

    As far as the last part of your post, consider a PM pending; and I'll gladly trade an IPA or two for shipping. And don't worry, I won't touch your tips. There are unwritten rules about that.
  14. John Wallace

    John Wallace Active Member

    I never understood why they say a poor man set or so on. If you buy it and it will last your life time. Isn't that a great deal. I have a Cortland fiberglass rod that I got when I started fly fishing. Still use it, that is a great deal. Does matter what you pay, it matter if it lasts. Great rod, can't wait to hear how it casts.