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  1. Got a new CVA Shenandoah rifle from my friend Jan, who found it at a garage sale. The moron who initially built it must have used a dull pocketknife for an inletting chisel, and had NO concept of using the correct size of screwdriver. The inside of the barrel was so badly rusted that I couldn't get a brass brush into the thing, and the cleanout screw on the powder drum was impossible to turn. In addition, he took a propane torch to the stock about every two inches or so, "creating" a zebra burn effect. Maybe he was trying to get it to look like tiger stripe maple, but FAIL!! Plus he didn't seal the stock correctly, nor could he line up the brass crescent butt plate with the heel plate. I wasn't sure it was worth rehabing at all, but after soaking the cleanout screw inside with WD40, and applying some heat from my own torch, the screw finally came out. Then, after almost two cans of Bore Bright and several .50 brass brushes in a .45 barrel, surprisingly, the inside is smooth, clean, pit-free and bright!!! The stock took a little longer, working over the inletting for the trigger, the butt plate assembly, and inlaying two little brass hunter's stars on the forestock, it was ready to stain

    KUDOS AND MANY THANKS TO RON EAGLE ELK!! for his invaluable advice on the stars. Thanks Ron-I did it!!
    And the finished rifle-almost! I need to work over the ramrod thimbles and order a new hickory ramrod from Track of the Wolf, but that won't take long!

    Quite a mess on the bench, isn't it!!:eek:
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  2. Nice job, looks great!!
  3. You'll shoot yer eye out, kid! :D
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  4. Gorgeous & well-done, Alex. There'll be shinin' times fer you at the next rondyvoo!
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  5. Thanks, guys! I'll see how she shoots today-well, after the smoke clears, anyway:D
  6. Fine looking gun there, Alex. I'm wondering how she shoots. Don't forget to try the string ball. The long tail goes against the patch. Butchers string used to work fine for me.

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