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    So this last week a spent a few different days at the local warm water lake. I've been out quite a few times earlier this year with no luck. But with the hot days and warm rain water temps are up and bass are hungry. This winter I started tying my own flies and I couldn't wait to try them out on eager bass. During the week I used countless different flies, and each seemed to get a little attention from the fish. And them I tied on the fly in picture and it was an instant success. Too bad it was already the end of the second day and it was only one I had. I went home that night and tied another half a dozen of them. After the whole week was done I had landed the three biggest bass of my life and countless bluegill with a couple of crappie thrown in. The three big ones were 15" 18" and the big one next to my size 12 flip flop was 21" and right around 5 pounds. I didn't even realize smallmouth got that big.
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    Do you realized what you accomplished? The Washington State record for smallies is 8.75 lbs. So, if your bass was 5 lbs., you were within about 60% of the state record.

    Compare that to the record rainbow of 29.6 lbs. To equal your percentage, we'd have to bag an 18 lb. rainbow! See? You done good!
  3. 5lb is not uncommon in Lake Whatcom. I've seen the tournament boys come in often with 20lb 5 fish totals!
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    Awesome report!!! I go away for a week, and the bass fishing seems to have exploded. I can't wait to hit the Gorge.


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    Nice work! What retrieve were you using and where did you find the fish holding ( under cover, shallow or deep?) I figured out the largemouth around here, but I have not figured out the smallmouth yet....
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    We'll almost all of the fish I've caught have been right under docks. I'll cast as close to the side of dock as I can (hitting the side or within a couple inches) then give it a couple little twitches and pause and that's usually when the hit it. What flys and tactics are you using for th LMB? I've the one I've caught have no real size to them