The Snap Swivel: Story, Swap, Contest

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Hey JackCWagon...did you read the very first post in the thread or are you weighing in on something read on page four alone?
    And...wait until you see these swivel flies. How about you man the hell up and offer any of us that catches any fish with on a case of our favorite beer? Now that is a quality call out for our silly snap swivel swap shenanegans. You up for that?

    Maybe the next novelty thing will be the smallest water master contest!
  2. Send me my damned swivel flies please. I fished for 2 hrs. today with several trout to hand on my lame ass flies and I know I could have landed something on these snap swivel flies today. My unemployed days are numbered and need to fish!
  3. Ralphie, if you really need them I'll send you your share. I have a couple of sets that have not arrived yet but the tyers will have them to me soon. If you really want them now, send me a PM so I know you are not just pulling my leg. I can have them set up and mailed right away if you need them.
  4. Hey Jesse I may fish my ugly first prototype tomorrow better watch out . and I want to be there when you throw your flies and poles out and go to bass plugs and gear. Just kidding but I think a good fisherman could actually catch something on some of the flies we tied. My reactions may not be good enough. You're lucky I don't really drink much beer. If I find some chum I'll try it.
  5. You lucked out Jesse the only chum I saw were making little chummies and I don't' interrupt that.
  6. Ed,
    No rush. I think that was a drunk post (even though it was only 5:58pm! )
  7. Drink them if you have them. I'll get them out as soon as I get the final sets in hand. I'm usually much more of a prick on timing and all for real flies, but this one was a novelty swap for fun. Where are your fishing adventures taking you???
  8. lol u guys are gonna fish swivels! that is awesome. i think the best thing ever would be oradish breaking the skunk on a SWIVEL! :)
  9. Close to home, I've mostly been fishing the Snoqualmie. I also went to the Grande Ronde 3 weeks ago for 4 days. That was the day after I lost my job, so it was a good way to clear the mind. I did catch a nice Steelhead hen and a slew of trout which made it a worthwhile trip.
  10. My apologies to all participants. I have yet to receive a couple sets of these swivel flies, so the delay is on me. Right now I'm putting this on hold because I'm on my way home (out of the area). As soon as I get back I'll settle up with you all. I appreciate your efforts and patience.
  11. No worries here... I am still being distracted by trying to catch my first metalhead... Thanks for the heads up though!
  12. I''m certainly in no rush as I don't need them untill I can fish again and I do have enough flies for that anyway.
  13. Hey Mumbles,
    Wazzzup with the swivel swap? Mildly curious.
  14. Too many irons in the fire or too small a fire. Got a match?
  15. All: Many things have side tracked my schedule, that of several who have dropped out and I still await swivel files from one more contributor who assures me they are almost ready. Since this is all about my friend Freestone I've got to wait on Freestone's swivel flies. Hopefully we can wrap this one up very soon. My apologies for losing control of this one. I appreciate everyone's patience. Ed
  16. Why is it her fault if you didn't make her get hers done on time? I'm so impatient I think I'll take another nap. Don't disturb the tired old goat. Besides i'm waiting untill the chum run is running again. Oh well I'm in no hurry this month check with me later please.
  17. Hey Mumbles,

    I just read this tying challenge and got a kick out of it. So I went to the garage and got a couple of small black swivels and tied a couple of "swivel flies" of my own. I'll bring them to the Tides emerger swap to show you....I know I can catch some April plants with them!---Steve
  18. Steve, if you want to whip up a set, jump on in. The idea was good but my timing was bad. My friend Freestone has been so busy with seasonal work and many other very busy things on the schedule that Freestone is still working on them. Since it was a novelty swap and all about Freestone's super cool story I'm waiting. I've got a desk full of swivel flies to part out once they arrive.
  19. Naaa, two of these in my fly box is enough!! But I'll bring them to show you. We'll have to fish at some 15 acre lake sometime....
  20. Sounds good. I think I know a 15 acre or so lake nearby.

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