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    I call this one The Spartan. It is based on a Hornberg but instead of using two mallard flank feathers on each side of the fly, I use one on the top.

    You fish as you would any streamer and the larger trout at the private lake I fish prefer the pattern during the morning and the Fall when the mosquito fish are available.


    Hook: Tiemco TMC 5262 or similar 3X long, heavy wire streamer hook, size 2-4
    Thread: Black 8/0 - 14/0
    Head: Small-medium size black cone head
    Body: Flat silver tinsel
    Underwing: Red and yellow dyed buck tail fibers, sparse
    Overwing: 1 mallard flank feather

    Step 1:
    Slide on the cone head and attach the hook in the vise. Tie in a length of silver tinsel.


    Step 2:
    Tightly wrap the tinsel to the rear of the shank, stop above the hook point, reverse direction and wind the tinsel back to the starting point. Trim away excess.


    Step 3:
    Tie in a sparse number of red buck tail fibers. They should extend a little past the hook bend. Clip away butt ends.


    Step 4:
    Tie in the same amount of yellow buck tail fibers so they extend the same as the red fibers. Clip away excess.


    Step 5:
    This one is difficult to explain. You want pick a mallard feather that is in proportion to the pattern.
    Choose a feather with the stem running directly down the center so the fibers are equal on both sides.


    Step 6:
    Tie in the feather over the buck tail so the fibers follow the hook shank. Clip away excess.


    Step 7:
    Prepare a grizzly hen feather that is fairly long and webby. Tie in for the collar.


    Step 8:
    Wrap the collar and whip finish.


    With any luck, you'll end up with something like this:


    The red and yellow buck tail fibers will give a hint of color under the mallard flank feather when the pattern is wet.

    I hope the pattern works as well for you as it does me.

    Go Fish!
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    Nice one Gene.

    Can't stress enough the importance of step 5 and picking out a good, straight, well proportioned feather, and tying it straight down the shank, otherwise your fly won't sit right.
  3. GAT

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    This is true. You need to look at a number of feathers before you find one with the quill at the center of the fibers.

    It also is important not to get carried away with the buck tail fibers... a little dab will do ya.
    Thus: Spartan.

    I've also tied them with 4X long hooks but they don't seem to work any better than the shorter ones... so, to save on tinsel I use shorter shank hooks.. that tinsel stuff can get expensive! :D
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    What kinda tinsel are you using (lol)? Very nice fly; I like the Ducktail-like wing.

  5. GAT

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    Scott, my silver tinsel is made from real silver. The only way I obtain the stuff is when a masked man on a white horse with a native american sidekick shows up.

    "Who was that masked man?"
    "I don't know but he left a spool of silver tinsel."
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    thats a VERY cool streamer Gat, thank you for sharing. im tying some up in different colors right now.