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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Old Man, Oct 19, 2002.

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    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well since nobody started anything on what happened today I thought that I would. Met a lot of fly fishers today but being as my memory is kinda bad I will probally forget who goes with what face by the time I get thru typing this.

    I learned some,can't say alot as I was hurting from my fly fishing elbow. So I couldn't cast alot. I did learn how to make a fool of myself trying to cast a 12' rod. I also found out about those Krusty Kreames. Damn their good.

    I couldn't believe all of the different sized rods that there are. Nooksack mac sure had a bunch of them. It was one of his that I tried,and no I'm still not talked into getting one. But I'm thinking........

    One other thing,if you were driving past Marysville on your way home and you seen all that smoke close to the freeway. Well the local Fire Dept was having a control burn down of a old house.

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    Jeeezzz guys, I thought that this topic would be on fire tonight, what’s up? Today started as a call for help I made in the first few days of this month, and it turned out to become the first Spey Clave I've ever had the pleasure of attending. I'll tell you what though, I know that I owe a big thank you to Michael, A.K.A. "Luv2Spey". Michael was the man with the vision of what I witnessed today, he took the time to send out the message and set the stage for what has become one of the most informative days that I have ever spent on the river. (I got to hand it to you Mike; you made this thing more than I could have ever asked for.) We had a great turn out with Fly Fisherman attending that have definitely made spey casting their way of life, and those who hear its calling. Throughout the years that I’ve spent researching and devouring “Anything Fish”, There are a few days that stand out and have made a major impact on my journey to become the person I am today, but thanks to all that attended, another one of those days has been added. I had the opportunity to put faces with some of the names of those I’ve talked with from the board, and also got to meet others that I had not. We had the privilege of having a handful of individuals that were eagerly acting as mentors, taking the time to work one on one with those of us that needed the help, allowing us try their rods, reels, lines, and most importantly, draw from their experience. To all of you that took time to guide me today, I am grateful for your help, and hope that I will have the opportunity to meet with you again. This is one of those transitions (Spey Casting) that I may have attempted on my own, but with the support that so freely given today, I know that it will be a successful transition and not something that I will loose interest in out of pure frustration. As far as my personal experience today, I feel as though I should have paid for the guidance and encouragement that I received, and hope that I will have the chance to repay all of you someway, someday. It's amazing that in just two weeks, the word had reached other boards, and brought Fisherman from all over together for the common interest in Spey Casting. Today was my first time on the water with a spey rod in my hand, and thanks to all who attended I know that this is the beginning of another chapter in my life as a Fisherman. The progress that I personally was able to make was mostly methodical, I mean I can still cast farther with my single hand rod, but I can tell already, not for long. Once again, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who came today, no matter if you learned, thought, or just watched. Oh yeah, and Michael, Thanks for the Krispy Kreams, I think that brought out at least two more people today (they know who they are), and MacRowdy’s pants were totally sweet!
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    I had a great time. Met a lot of you, learned some new stuff, and improved my single spey (thanks to Brian). Got to try some different rod/line combos also. Made me realize that having a single rod/reel/line system just isn't enough. Looks like I'll need a coupla more :WINK

    Thanks to everyone for showing up and participating.


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    Mlthead, I only had 2 donuts, why ya gotta call me out like that! Had a blast today. Many, many thanks to Luv2Spey for getting this started. He let me cast his spey rod (my first time) and it was awesome. As soon as I got home I was checking out the cabelas and Kaufmans catalog for spey gear. Met a lot of great people, they were all more that happy to share thier equipment with everybody. That Brian guy sure can cast. wow, that was a lot of line out there! I've seen MAcrowdy's pants before, so I was prepared for that site. It took the edge off a bit. A great day! thanks to everyone! :THUMBSUP YT
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    Well I really can't add anymore to what's already been said, except my own personal "THANKS" To everyone who was there, it was great!

    I don't know if spey rods are in my future or not, but, I enjoyed trying it out. Casting a spey rod looks easy, when someone who knows how is doing it, but it's not as easy as it looks. Like anything worth doing though, it takes practice and more practice. I'll tell you one thing my right shoulder still feels it! (trying way to hard)

    Anyway, I'm glad I got to meet some of you guys today, hope we'll get to spend time on some rivers again, one day soon.

    Thanks again,

    PS; I noticed that nobody had any hooks on their leaders, but then old man, Jim, was there in his waders, so nobody would have caught anything anyway!!! :LOVEIT

    Just kiddin' Jim, glad to see you there.
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    You ROCK! I showed up with my 6 wt. for the Krispy Kremes. They are good for you. Like a new kind of health food.

    Anyway, seriously I think that mtlhead said it all very well. I mean seriously what a cool bunch of guys. I learned so much. I would have paid money just to watch Michael and Brian cast. (ok maybe not) hahah Just kidding. Seriously though, it was nothing short of inspiring. There had to have been like 15 spey rods there and I got to try a few of them. Amazing.

    Michael thank you for putting it together and for making it a great day! Let's do it again.

    Mtlhead wanna borrow my pants sometime? They work as a straight up chick magnet.

    Oh yeah and Papafish: Thanks for the tip. I had to break one loose after about 10 minutes. Lost the fly you gave me. I'll have to tie up some more.

    MacRowdy :THUMBSUP
  7. Matt Burke

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    mtlhead said a lot of the things that I was going to say. What a great turnout. I just wish my kids could have hung on a little longer. I am convinced of the Spey advantage and know that I plan to open up more of the river with that technique, looking for my first Washingtron Steelhead. Thanks to everyone who answered the FNG's questions. A big thanks to Michael for starting it.

  8. highlander

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    To all:

    had a great time at the clave it was nice to meet knew people that enjoy speycasting. That old green heart rod was just amazing I gained a knew level of respect for the guys of old whole could make one of those work. Got to cast the xlt line at last and really like it. I think this clave has the the potential to turn into something even bigger, I hope we can get one going again soon.

  9. MacRowdy

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    Thanks again for the casting clinic. It was amazing. Amazing. Hope we get another one going very soon.