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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Mercer, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Mark, you named the fly in good faith and you are not trying to benefit financially. Go with the Squimp or use Jim's clever solution, Coastal Cutthroat Squimp. Problem solved.
    Thank you again for sharing. Steve Knapp and I are headed to Hood Canal on Saturday and we plan to give the Coastal Cutthroat Squimp a workout.
    I am also playing around with the pattern as a Slider. I am not trying to rip you off but think this could produce some great topwater action. I will gladly share a few flies if it works.
  2. Steve and Jim, great idea, lets just go with "Cutthroat Squimp" and keep it simple, after all, thats what I had in mind when I first tied it.

    Steve, a slider? Why didn't I think of that? You've got to post a picture of it when you finish it, I really should spend more time on top.

    Steve and Steve, good luck Sat. I hope you guys find lots of willing Cutts. Looking forward to your post and pic's.
  3. Oh...... it works!
  4. Kelvin, that second pic almost looks like my neighbor's foofoo dog in begging mode. I'd bite that. White has really impressed me as a real "sleeper" of a color.
  5. That looks killer Kelvin, that'll have fantastic movement. Actually I think the epoxy eyes or even black bead chain looks more realistic than the way
    I've used tippets, and I even tried it (easier to tie) but I just kind of liked the old fashion look of natural materials, more of a suggestive eye than a
    realistic one. I'll bet they slam that fly!
  6. we shall see

    I am gonna tie up some bigger ones for steelhead
  7. Hey Mark,

    As others have said, a great looking fly. I don't think anyone has yet asked about retrieval techniques and/or preferred lines. Anything special there, or just the standard clear intermediate line and strip it back like you're trying to pull a tethered kitten away from pitbulls?

    So far my patterns for SRC have been muddlers, sand lace and clousers. I've yet to try anything representing worms or crustaceans. any special retrieval technique to consider? Gorgeous fish, btw. That fish shown second from the right is a bruiser. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Tool Fly,

    I like using a floater for cutts so I can cast close to shore, but I've also had really good luck with a 40+ intermediate, even close in. Like you, I
    usually start off with some type of baitfish pattern so I can "run and gun" and cover a lot of water till I either get hits or follows or some sign they are
    there, if I'm getting follows or short strikes or feel they don't want to chase things I'll put some kind of shrimp or squid pattern on and slow way down
    and it usually pays off. This is kind of what I was thinking of in the pattern, something that would kind of represent both and just look alive with a lot
    of movement. But lately I've been just starting with the cutthroat squimp and have had them (cutts and rezzies) hit it on both med fast and slow

    Kelvin, Great idea! I think it would make a great steelhead fly, especially in the salmon pink, I really like that color!!! Be sure and post a pic, I'd like to
    see what you come up with, in fact I think I'll try something as well.
  9. Thanks for sharing this simple yet deadly pattern. It would appear that it works equally well on Canadian trout.


    In my variation I've added some polar bear under the marabou to help it from collapsing, some uv minnow belly in the tail and lead wraps under the chenille to get it down.

  10. Awesome cutts BCangler, I like your variation, nice idea with the polar bear. I'm glad to hear the cutts up north like the fly as well as down here.
  11. Tonight I picked up my first SRC of Feb on the Squimp. I've been using it as a searching pattern and picked up the only fish that gave me a sniff. It struck short twice, and then on the next cast he slammed it. It was a nice fish in the 12" range and had lots of spunk. He was camera shy and wriggled off before I could get a good pic. This rockfish (my second fish of the eve ;)) was more cooperative. Good fly!
  12. Way to go Too Fly, glad to here of your success on the Cutthroat Squimp, things will only improve as we get closer to spring. Thats one hell of a nice rock
    fish.... Man, the bigger ones can really put a bend in your rod. Ha!!!

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