The St.Joe today

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  1. That is a beautiful specimen right there.
  2. Thanks Mumbles.Jesse at Westslope let her demo a 6wt Sage Flight rod.I think she liked it.
  3. Don't bring that troutfit back to Jesse or John, just bring them your wallet, cash or credit card. Keep her fishing that setup!
  4. It will be a Christmas gift for her.The reel is a Martin Trophy series click and paw.She has had the reel for years.Jesse went and got the rod out of his own car.
  5. Jesse has a quiver full of rods...a closet full of more...some in his rig...and a shop full! He'll sell you that rod, she's mojo'd it up right and it would be wrong to take a gal's mojo away!
  6. So what your saying is Jesse would sell me that rod that she used today?I guess it does have good I can do is ask him.Never though of that.
  7. I'm really not sure if Jesse will sell it if it was his personal stick. What I am sure is that Jesse and John have a great reputation and really treat folks well. Anything the seem to touch works out well for those they help. I'm pulling for your gal to have a new outfit to her, and she's proven she knows what to do with it. Maybe he has a brand spanking new one waiting at the shop for you right now. Regardless, best of luck and keep her fishing.
  8. Thanks Mumbles.You must live near Spokane.Maybe I will run into you in a fly shop sometime.Your friend Dave.
  9. Dave, I'm at least 5 hours from Spokbekistan, but when I pass through I'll do my best to pass through Westslope!
  10. John and Jesse are quickly getting a reputation that cannot be contained by Spokompton's boarders.

    Dave, great pics and sounds like a great day. I agree with Mr. Mumbles, ask Jesse what kind of deal you can work out. You can't buy mojo.
  11. Beautiful fish. Looks like a nice day. Did you get into a lot of fish? That one cutty is worth about 10 in my mind but still love to hear some more if possible. Renegade looks like it worked? Any Octo. Caddis still coming up?
  12. Just the one fish.Every time we fish this spot,it happens the first couple cast and then thats it the rest of the day.The last time we went which was the first week of October,I got two hits on the first and second cast and that was it.I was using a red humpy.I got to try out two rods I had.The Sage DS series in a 6wt was a smooth casting rod.I liked it a lot.It had never been fished.The other was a Redington RS4 5wt that was very nice a well.We had a great time.We might go again.Waiting for the wife to get up to see.ttyl
  13. Cool. Have fun!
  14. yep i use a sage ds for trout. great rod. i love how deep it bends on fish.
  15. The DS was a nice surprise.The guy never used it for 80 dollars.I put some 20 dollar line on a martin trophy reel and it makes a good back up.Sometimes I like to toss an easy going rod.
  16. Great price on that DS
  17. Nice fish!

    Dave, I took out the wind river rod on a little trip to one of my favorite creeks today. It's a decent little dry fly rod. It handled some Ellensburg wind and I was able to land a couple of fat little 9" Rainbows.
  18. Good to hear your using it.Glad it made it safely.Have fun with it.I liked the reel a lot.
  19. The Three Forks reel is way better than expected.

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