The Tiki Gods were smiling: a Maui and Kona report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Mingo, May 16, 2010.

  1. I was going to try some Boot...a Hawaiian friend who works at the Royal Hawaiian hotel kept telling me to try them, he loves to eat wrasse , they're one of his favorite fish......but you scared the shit out of me with that 'Captain Cook reef fish poisoning' research paper you wrote and now I won't eat anything except mahi mahi, wahoo and yellowfin.......too afraid of getting ciguatera!!! I've eaten a LOT of trevally too, and I have been lucky so far but it only takes one infected fish to ruin your health in a hurry!
  2. If they aren't getting sick there's a pretty good chance you won't either. On the other hand if your buddy gets sick any one who ate the same fish will get sick. Many of those reef toxins are more active in summer. I say go for it. If you get sick we'll expect a photo essay from the hospital wards...

    As in: "here's me getting a sponge bath" pic of mingo with his mouth forming a classic "o"

    Plus if you're out of commission for three months with some paralytic neurotoxins, that's one less dude fishing the Cedeee...:thumb:
  3. :rofl::rofl: now there's a new one.....the world famous neurologist encouraging a fellow flyfisherman to play neurological roulette...............:rofl: The worst thing is the recovery ...... you gotta rests yo' liver, so no beer for 6 months? no thanks!

    I think Hawaiians have a much higher tolerance for cig and other neurotoxins than haoles do....all the weak ones were either killed by it 300 years ago or were pushed off a cliff by Kamehameha. That's only fair after we infected them with smallpox. My buddy eats trumpetfish, wrasse, all species of goatfish, even yellowstripes that can cause hallucinations........and he's a fireman which means he cooks for the young braddahs every day.
  4. headed to Napili bay tomorrow, I tied as best I could with what I saw in your photos, I hope a five wt with a stout leader will turn over some of the streamers,clousers,and hot colored wooley buggars.....andI will take your advice and keep my fingers clear of the mouths of these fish, as I have no familiarity with the species.
  5. I'll 2nd that! Thanks for the photos and report!

    Hey Larry, where'd ya get that painting of the late Dennis Hopper doing the Mingo "O?"

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