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  1. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Very much agreed Rob. While I completely disagree with your opinion it is just that, disagreement. I wouldn't think twice about fishing with you or sharing a fly or whatever. I enjoy a good discussion even if I don't agree with those involved

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  2. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    I think you're missing part of the whole experience if you need to get tuned up while on the water.Also you really should have all your wits about you when dealing with boats & water.
  3. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Are you really that concerned about the way someone enjoys there outdoor experience? Why is it up to you to determine what it takes to properly enjoy a day on the water?

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  4. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    Actually I couldn't careless.If you wish to up your risk of drowning or losing gear go for it.
  5. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    And naturally you say the same to every flask toting fisherman you encounter.
  6. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    Drinking on the water is just plain stupid and much more dangerous.Not my bidness though so I wouldn't say anything.Never come across either.
  7. wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

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    Alcohol kills more folks than weed. Heavy use of both screws up long term memory and ambition. There are huge social costs to both- for alcohol it's national for weed it's international. Many weed users have little to no understanding of the international cost of their preferred drug and have a view that it is a justifiable cost in some weird way I can't quite figure out but think it has something to do with a kind of hyper-local effect of the drug itself. Meaning MJ helps enable further self absorption and incuriosity in a mild and nonthreatening way with little obvious consequence to the user...

    That effect may be part of the reason that the national cost of weed, in terms of crime in the USA, may actually be a good thing. USA per capita crime rate 2010 = 3345.5/100000 people. The last time it was that low was somewhere between 1967 = 2989.7/100,000 and 1968 = 3370.2/100,000


    The illegal drug of choice in the USA, in 1967, I think, was weed. (Larry? the statement is correct right?)

    By 1968 race riots among other things altered crime statistics that would then go on to peak at 5897/100,000 in 1991- high times for crack, HIV, heroin and coincides with the beginning of crystal meth...In pop culture weed has been glorified, whereas the use of other drugs like heroin, cocaine and crystal meth are not. This may seem counterintuitive but I give lots of credit to Snoop Dog for his perhaps unintentional role in lowering crime...

    I had always assumed that economic stress leads to a heightened crime rate- but 2008-2010, the heart of this recession, does not bear that out...some other factors must be playing a major role.

    Weed has become ubiquitous, particularly with medical marijuana laws. Crime has dropped. Ambitions across the board have been blunted. Ambition to do stupid things (crime) just as much as bold and imaginative things- for instance driver's license issuances have dropped as have fishing licenses. Admittedly maybe all of these factors have to do with a myriad of other influences DEA actions, internet preoccupations, ubiquity of porn, incarceration rates, ritalin use for correctly diagnosed and treated ADD sufferers, use of prescription medications, the advent and maturing of child psychiatry, three strikes rules, insight based and cognitive therapies, men and women leaving marriages that were rotten and broken and miserable despite the (bad) advice of their communities, Dr Phil, better educated women, Roe V Wade and the 1973 legalization of abortion...

    So if you simplify this already and admittedly super simplistic argument out, the ubiquitous availability of weed, given I don't use it, makes it easier for me to do interesting work, fish with fewer co-fishermen, compete in traffic with fewer folks driving to the fishing spot of my choice and take fewer chances of getting into some kind of criminal situation.

    If I had to drag (sic) along a weed smoker or an alcoholic to go fishing, i'd take the weed smoker any day. They are way more predictable, they enjoy food and at least their jokes are funny.

    Legalize weed. But for the sweet love of all that is good, fight the cocaine, heroin and amphetamine scourge. Things that if you OD can kill or if you use a couple of times can stroke your brain out or are our creator's gifts too, I just don't see the good side there
  8. Krusty Active Member

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    Actually...I was referring to 'getting along' on the WFFF...this doesn't have a hell of lot to do with's just a 'hot-button' issue that trolls like to inject to start arguments. I suspect if we were all trotting out every core belief we held on the forum, there wouldn't be a much of anybody 'getting along'. This was just trolling, and you all got suckered into taking a big strike at this guy's 'banger gear'.
  9. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    Wadin boot for president
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  10. Kcahill Active Member

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    So you are asking someone to ignore something illegal that goes on in public? What if he is on the river with his kid and doesn't want him seeing that stuff?

    I dont care if you smoke nicotine, weed, or cock, just do it at home where I dont have to see it.
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  11. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Myself, I would use such an opportunity to teach my son the difference between legality and morality. I believe in being a good, law abiding citizen for the most part, however I do NOT want my son to spend his life blindly following rules for no reason. I want my son to be able to make his own informed decisions. I do not need Uncle Sam to make decisions in my life, nor dictate how I raise my son. When I'm running late to drop my boy off at school, and I run through the stop sign near my house that is completely pointless, my son thoroughly understands that while stopping at the stop sign is technically "the law", running through it in a hurry doesn't make me a criminal either. Neither does going 6 miles over the speed limit, or crossing a street without a cross walk. This is EXACTLY where I place the smoking pot issue. Laws be damned, I want my son to think for himself.

    It's a good thing that others throughout our history had the courage to stand up against what was currently illegal.

  12. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I'm waiting to see the sensitive request for gay fly anglers and how many get to bend their buddy over the fence rail. Geez... illegal is illegal.
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  13. ribka Active Member

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    I could care less what people do in their lives. I do have a concern that large numbers of pot smokers are driving intoxicated to and from their fishing areas.

    There are even threads on fly sites recommending the best weed to smoke for long road trips. amazing

  14. ribka Active Member

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    Good luck collecting a tax on a cash product. Who will collect this tax? The state of Washington who is laying off employees?

    Will private grows be outlawed then? There are currently 1000's of med marijuana grows now in Washington. How much tax has the state collected this far?

    Govt produced weed will be quite a bit more expensive than private grown weed.

    If the G puts a tax on it and sell from Govt run stores and you will create a a huge black market and crime will increase.
  15. JesseC Active Member

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    The only way I have managed to find steelhead fishing enjoyable is by huffing gold metallic spray paint. (thanks to whoever is kindly picking up all the cans)
  16. mr. bad example Member

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    dude your harshing my buzz.........
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  17. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    If being out amongst the forest,the river and the complete absorption of the fishing game doesn't do it for you unless loaded you are probably wasting your time.Besides standing in the river with a joint or a can Busch light seems like white trash gear head style. if you must get high take a tip from Jesse and class it up a bit with huffing.
  18. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    If people enjoy having a safety meeting or blowing the fish whistle while out enjoying their fishing, I could care less.
    I'm far more concerned with meth tweakers trying to break into my rig while I'm out in the field then someone having a few tokes while fishing. Being attacked by wolves is my second greatest concern......
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  19. PfleugerPhister Active Member

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    Boy, I'm glad I have all you guys to tell me what's right and wrong and where I should do it.

    The guy was asking for submissions to a magazine, not a morality lesson.
  20. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    There happen to be gay members of this board, believe it or not (not myself, but I happen to be friends with some who are). And I'm not entirely sure what point you're trying to make here. Being gay isn't illegal last I checked.