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  2. My value system says that the individual is supreme in making decisions about their own body (personal freedom and responsibility) and that governments role is to guarantee weights, measures and purity of products, and enforce contracts. It is not to determine what is or is not suitable for me and it is not to employ it's powers of prohibition to protect me from me. It should protect you from me but NEVER me from me.
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  3. I think what we need down is a thread on which caliber handgun is best for protecting oneself from pot smoking hippies.

  4. I find firearms to be quite useless in such situations. Throwing fun sized bags of Doritos and Ding Dongs and then running in the opposite direction is a much better method of escaping such dangers.
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  5. Yeah or maybe some Patchouli Oil

    We could also compress some clean soapy smelling water and put in a can, it would be like bear spray for hippies.

  6. Couldn't agree with you more.
  7. he's letting you know about the full closets in moses lake.
  8. Im speechless:) :), BTW im pretty good on the sticks after a nice brownie, never lost anything other then a few fish and that ain't too bad in my book ....stay away from dispensary pot, its poop!!! Keep it underground, keep it real!
  9. It was said mostly as a joke...mostly. But I would ask you to consider one of the greatest motivators known to man - greed. Individuals and governments both are afflicted by this. Imagine the might of American corperate farming brought to bare on this "cash crop." Pot would be cheap and would be worth the governments time to tax. I believe after a bit of time the choice to grow your own or buy farmed pot would be a kin to growing or buying your own vegetables.

    The moral choice, you can't legislate morality. Public safety issues, treat it like alcohol.

    At the risk of completely hijacking this thread - I use to be a cop. Alcohol was involved in at least 75% of domestic violence calls I responded to and a significant contributor in other crimes. Pot's involvement in crime was largely limitted to it's possession, use, sale or distribution. It's other appearance was in D.U.I. (far less than alcohol) and the occassional malicious mischief.

    IMHO alcohol is a much greater risk to public safety than pot. I still choose not to use it anymore, strictly my call. Could care less if anyone else does as long as they use it responsibly.
  10. Whoa! That is 11 total pages of BUD! WOW!
  11. +1
  12. The only people I don't allow in my fishing rig are bigots and thieves. I can find thing to enjoy and like about just about anyone else. Stoners, drunks, christians, atheists, gays, straights, rich, poor, republican, democrat, or whatever else you are.
  13. I figured out a long time ago I have a distinct advantage over poeple that use drugs including the legal one. Go ahead and use as much of the stuff as you want. More stoned people means less competition for me in most everything. And by the way I have plenty of personal knowledge of almost every mind altering substance out there. I was a professional partier for years.
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  14. You know what I love? The fact that on the river I don't know if anyone's a stoner, drunk, christian, atheist, gay, straight, rich, poor, republican, democrat, or whatever else you are. If my fly fishing magazine donated an entire issue to a topic that I don't feel is related to fly fishing whatsoever, I'd be cancelling in a minute.

    I'm not sure what it is about recent culture that loves to take what is typically done in your own home and attach a label to it to show off to the entire world. It seems this grandstanding of identity is where most of the conflict and hate comes from these days.

    I have a lot of strong beliefs that I'm sure could kick off some raging debates. Guess what, no one but me and my family gives a shit what I think.
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  15. What about zombies? Where do you stand on that issue?
  16. I'm a huge racist when it comes to zombies.
  17. what about tokin open carry gay republican zombies on acid ?"don't harsh my buzz dude.......
  18. Reason #1 to legalize it. Reason #2 is that alcohol and tobacco are legal.
  19. Close to twenty years ago I quit drinking. Before that I quit smoking weed. Before that I quit hash, reds, shrooms, acid, and smack...there wasn't much I didn't try. So you could say I know what I'm talking about. Addictions are addictions, period. The only things we NEED are food, air, water, and a good piece of ass once in a while. The rest, if we NEED it, are addictions. So if you NEED to smoke a doob while fishing, you might need to think about it. Otherwise it doesn't matter to me at all. I can go through life just fine despite what others do or don't do.

    BTW, any kind of Zombie is fair game, open season....
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  20. its ok to disagree with somebody, but not if you disagree with a liberal, then you are hitler, hate women, eat children and are a dumb hillbilly

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