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  1. There has been a lot of talk about the morality of smoking pot and if it has a place on the river when fishing and whether the need to smoke while undertaking such a fine and noble craft means something more is needed in ones life.With all this it seems to me that a key issue is being missed..........if you're going to take weed to the water it must be kept in a watertight container.
  2. I get it, the Tokin' fly guy! Ha! Sound like a troll thread?
    Pot is not like caffeine, or sugar.
    It's back-doored it's way into (almost) being legal.
    It's not that people woke up one day and realized that pot isn't the problem, it's that we are starting to realizing that we have much bigger problems.
  3. I say, if your going to smoke dope on the river, great, chances are you'll miss a strike or two... More fish for me!
  4. Yeah, like "5 Hour Energy" .... I've never taken the stuff, but if anything sounds like a health threat, that, and similar products advertised and pushed down the younger generations throat, sounds scary to me. Talk about legalized drugs...... Gees!
  5. Really? You managed to make two posts in the thread and dragged in some politics to boot! ;)
  6. I found a complimentary container of 5 Hour Energy in my last Cabela's order. Their aggressive marketing campaign seems to be working, since I recently read that the guy who started it is now filthy rich as a result.
    I tried it, but I didn't swallow.;) No, just joking. I actually did consume it, and I did feel a bit energized, but without the push that I remember when i drank a Red Bull or Rockstar (stuff which I don't drink any more).
    The only stimulant I take any more is caffeine, via coffee or tea. No sugar added.
  7. I'm on my third stint of "quitting rockstars". Buck is right, dope is nothing like sugar or caffiene. Sugar and caffiene are far more addictive. Sugar is far more destructive. As far as "back door legality", it was back-door politics and fearmongering that made marijuana illegal in the first place.
  8. In the famous words of Rodney king -" can't we just all get a bong"?
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  9. i think i see your point, but i didn't say i don't enjoy these threads (else i would not read them), or politics, or amateur philosophizing....i like watching the forum bounce these things around and i like to participate sometimes too. my comment was for bloodknot, the publication. i can promise you i won't be reading their article on pot-smoking whilst fishing, not out of protest or principle, but because it's not interesting to me - because "personally i want fishing content when i go to a fishing publication"
  10. I think that this thread has run it's course and should be locked up or forgotten about. Soon it will have everybody at each others throats.

    But this is just an opinion of one old bastard. Who should be taken with a grain of salt.
  11. I disagree Old Man.I think this thread still has plenty of life in it and should be left open.I feel it's bringing people together.
  12. There hasn't been any overt ad hominem so it's been surprisingly tame. Not much else to be said, however. As far as kids seeing it, if you don't think kids are having this exact same discussion amongst their peers, you're wrong. Regardless of how you feel about the subject, there's a constant stream of information flowing in pop culture on the subject. If you don't form an educated opinion about it, your kids will do so without you.
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  13. Reefer Madness . . . , alive and well 60 years later.

    Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, . . .
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  14. ....pass it over to me. Roll up another one just like the other one.............
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  15. Yes, I'm sure caffine and sugar are still bad for you, but usually they don't restrict you to living in your parents house with posters on your wall. J/K.
    I really don't care about pot, because, as I stated we have much bigger shot to worry about.
    Smoke up, I'm sure someone will say its good for you!
  16. I thought this was a fishing forum, But I'm begining to think it's just a bunch of people who go fishing to try and hide the fact they have a substance abuse issues. no wonder the out houses at public fishing areas always smell like weed, thats were grownups go to hide from their kids and do dope!!!!
  17. wtf are you on about?

    There's no way anyone with a sense of smell is going to step out of the natural environment into a fucking portapotty or pit toilet to roast a bowl. Damn bro, that's enough to gag a maggot!
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  18. Lets all bow our heads........ and prey:)
  19. And keep your eyes closed, somebody will have theirs open watching you.

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