The ultimate fishing sidearm?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Wrong! Cops are paid to clean up after the fact. You want personal protection? Hire a body gaurd.
  2. I hesitated at first to add this, but this thread has gone so far off-topic that what the hell?

    Everybody wants cops (and firemen) to available in moments after they call 911, but way too many of us vote down tax levys or other assessments to support them. Here in the Seattle area, most of the police and fire personnel can't afford to live in the very cities they work for.

    Nobody wants their home to burn down, but several years back Redmond voters axed a measure to continue funding for salaries and equipment for an auxiliary fire station. It ended up being closed since voters were in an especially anti-tax mood.


  3. :eek: Okaaayyyy...that's it. Things are getting just a little too ridicules and weird on this thread. We've not only gone off subject, but off the deep end as well.
    You Rambo types can grab your guns, strap them onto your hip and blast away. Whether at home or fishing.
    This is the primary reason I don't post my real name. God only knows what mights set someone off.
    I'm out of here....

  4. You definitely should not carry anything other than a cell phone.

    'nuff said.:rolleyes:

    Read back thru this thread and you'll see that nobody has said anything about shooting first and asking questions later. The only irrational responses have come from those who probably couldn't harvest a pink salmon on an odd year if it was done for substance.

    I don't carry. PM me and you might find out why it is a consideration though.

    In all seriousness, how many times have you heard about a property owner shooting someone over their car stereo?
  5. Now we are discussing car stereos and harvesting pinks (of all things) for sustainment??? This has begun to get strange. Close this down.
  6. hey man ive seen some people get crazy over pinks. lol spokane street bridge anyone?

    i havent read much into this thread after i posted quite a few pages back. and im not curious to even know how it got into a people breaking into houses topic.

    its about carrying a firearm why in the field. everyone has stated where they stand on this subject with great points on both sides of the arguement.

    its your own choice and right (unless otherwise stated by a judge) to carry, just keep it legal and keep it sain and by all means keep it safe.

    leave it at that.

    if you have to worry about the guy next to you packing or not then you are obviously to close for your own comfort. and the people who are worry about it are more then likely the guys who "we" all talk about at the end of the day as being asses on the river.

    its kinda like this subject...people feel the need to push buttons and feelings get hurt and tempers raise. HOW could this not happen on the river? if you push someone far enough on the river and they are packing the chance is there to be shot...if they are not packing and you are then you have a very good method of self protection.

    all it takes is for one experience for your guys to make the choice to pack or not. you can be completely against it today and get mugged tomarrow and be out buying that 357. the next day. you can preach it all you want but things change and bad stuff does happen. for you to say that you can handle it with out force "when needed" and just walk away. that is just plain ignorant. cause sometimes walking away just isnt an option.

    good night.
  7. Hello...can you break your quote(s) out into a few logical questions or statements for me? Not sure at all what you are getting at, or not getting at. It may be me, but I am not sure what/which items you are searching for answers or responses on. To me it seems like a hodgepodge of discussion points which is ok; just need to understand which ones they are.
  8. It does seem that this has drifted a bit off of Kent's initial theme. At least I don't think he had vigilante justice in mind when he posted his query about a potential field handgun.

    But then, I don't know Kent well. The only time we were to get together to fish, he showed up at the appointed place, took one look at me, and said something about having forgotten his 'reel.' I now must wonder if this wasn't some sort of code.

  9. no questions asked. just a few points that i made but typed them up just like everything else in this thread has been. to the point but not very clear for anyone to actually get. frankly half the crap that people have said in here is either 1. clear and very good point or 2. wtf did he just say that makes no sence at all... lol
  10. Just how is it that emergency services have been allowed to be reduced to non-critical status and pulled out of city & county budgets & put on levies? Shouldn't that be a basic gov't service? I marvel that we allow these services to be funded in a haphazard way. I can't imagine any govt services that are more basic & important that fire & police, okay maybe sewers but that's it.
  11. Aha, the connection! Geez, if more people shot dolts who steal stereos out of cars, then maybe taxpayers would be in a better mood for taxes that support fire, police, and sewer services. Finally, a win-win outcome, well except for car prowlers who get shot, but heck, they're probably behind on their taxes anyway . . .

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