The ultimate fishing sidearm?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Nov 12, 2007.

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  2. While they may be close to Ninja's, they most definitely are not. There have been several occasions where people have been surprised by a cougar and successfully defended themselves with a firearm. A good friend of mine from BC had a close encounter and used a gun to scare the cat off.

    Ninja's flip out and kill people. Firearms are no help there. Cougars are skilled hunters; but when it boils down to it, they're cats.
  3. Gotta watch out for those ninja cats.
  4. Cougars almost always attack from behind which is why some hunters have adopted the practice of wearing a human-appearing Halloween mask backwards while in the woods.

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  6. Personally, I choose to not carry a gun since I personally have never felt the need....the most threatened I've felt on the river has come straight from other anglers. The way I see it, if you want to pack, then pack. Just do so responsibly. I've fished with people who carried and in one particular instance was extremely uncomfortable when this guy just kept showing other people that he was packing when he felt threatened...

    that is all.


    let's see...oh yeah, I'm going to go have a little...:beer1:
  7. Fishful Thinking,
    You might have a point, but a persons fears don't always have to be rational. As I said, I've spent a lot of time in the wilderness and never was afraid. However, after that episode, I've been paranoid. This year I was fishing up in Stevens Pass above the town of Skykomish during the last weekend of October, I was so jumpy that it ruined the experience. I'm aware that I'm being irrational, but when my imagination kicks in I'm like a little kid again. (Maybe I should see a shrink.) You may be right about not knowing until it's too late that your the Cougars choice for a "blue plate special", but as I said earlier; It's to give me a sense of security. Sort of like Linus's security blanket. :rofl: However, having said that; until I've had a lot of training/experience with the gun I'd be paranoid about handling that gun. Thus I'd just be trading one anxiety for another.
    Either way, I've got to do something about my situation. I love the woods and the peace I felt when I was in them. I don't want to give up the enjoyment because I'm spooked. :(
  8. well, as long as peolple don't low hole your cup of shit you won't have to shoot someone!
  9. What is that?
  10. I agree it has to do with responsibility of the person and respect for the firearm, and I respect that. My problem is the notion that some people feel the NEED to pack a weapon, just to feel comfortable. I just don't understand that mind set. In the grocery store, on the river, ???, and any where else. You have the right, but I feel bad for you and others that there is this perception that on a daily basis a gun may be required. I grew up in Kodiak, Talkeetna, all over the AK wilderness, WA, CO, and OR and have had hundreds of trips outdoors and have never thought I needed to use a gun. I have been in situations and have been able to ‘work’ the few situations successfully. Bottom line, chances are with continuous gun slinging you’ll have an incident that isn’t favorable for anybody.
  11. van rossi,
    intresting that you "feel bad" for people with a mindset you don't understand. though there were a few attempts at humor, i'm pretty sure no one here actually condones "gun slinging." instead of pitying the (law-abiding) people with dissenting opinions, you ought to try acceptance and tolerance.
  12. Well, I'm a chick. The only thing I've ever needed in 35 years of hiking (besides my daddy when I was little) is some common sense and a smile. Now that I'm fishing the basin lakes, I do prefer to fish with friends there. Actually they have all made me priomise I won't go alone to those lakes and I'm cool with that. Those lakes are so much more fun with some witty company.

    I still fish alone and unarmed at a lot of other places. Common sense keeps me out of trouble, and if there's a possiblity of trouble, a merry band of buddies takes care of that.

    Way better than being so nervous you gotta pack. After a weird thing last spring in the Seeps I considered it, but would prefer to fish with friends, borrow a hound, or just do something else. If the weather's nice enough for fishing, there has to be skiing or hiking where the tweeker factor is lower. :)
  13. iagree

    I rest my case. Thank you, Allison.
  14. ...I agree now & accept and tolerate GUNS on the water and in the grocery store. God damn where have we all been, it is so f'n clear now! Mount up men/women this is our SOCIETY! ...I now venture INTO THE WILD!
  15. Respect, eh? Wouldn't know it from your posts.
  16. Amen, sister! Common sense is far more useful (and sadly, seemingly in much shorter supply) than firearms for SHTF avoidance/closure.

    It's the people that do (carry like it's the wild west, that is) that worry me.

    For anyone considering a good handgun safety class:

    Plus, it's close to the Newaukum River, which is kinda fishy, if you can find public access.

    Here's another thread that might be of interest to anyone staying on this topic up to this point (even though it's a few years aged):

    Hey Nate, kinda ironic you use a Gonzo quote for your signature line, huh? Not trying to be a dick or anything, I just think it's funny.......
  17. Take a jab give a jab! I've read your responses and wouldn't call them welcoming cup-of-Nice!
  18. Personally, I respect that Nate respects my respect for my firearm. :D
  19. Hey Nate, kinda ironic you use a Gonzo quote for your signature line, huh? Not trying to be a dick or anything, I just think it's funny.......[/QUOTE]

    Good point about Hunter and the quote, not to mention his life and the way he went out! Guns and all...I just enjoy his books and he was part of my parents crowd a while back. I don't always agree with what he stood for but I don't agree with some of these posts either! BooYAA!
  20. One post may claim respect, but the others imply gun owners are out "gun slinging" and recreating the wild west. I respect anyone's choice to not carry or own a gun. I just don't want them forcing that choice on me or making judgements about all gun owners.
    My point about guns in the grocery store is that CPL holders are everywhere but you don't know it because they aren't out looking for trouble or doing anything unusual.

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