The ultimate fishing sidearm?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kent Lufkin, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. can't we all just get along?

    personally, I don't really see what the deal is with Nate's posts...some people just seem to be a little overly sensitive.


  2. good on ya...:beer2:
  3. I'm not known as being Mr Sensitivity, but I see "what the deal is".
    I'm not a gun nut, don't carry a gun and don't own a gun. However, whatever someone's reason is for not liking guns I think the "I have never experienced the desire for a side-arm and I've 'been around', therefore there is no reason for people to want to carry a gun," is really, really wrong. I mean, I am astounded that someone would actually use that argument. I know people feel that and will use that as motivation in their voting, will use that as argument of theri views when talking with like-minded freinds, and will chant that as a mantra in marches and rallies. However, it is such an egocentrical perspective/argument I am surprised that someone would use it as fodder with a bunch of strangers. THe first reason is we're strangers: I don't know your experiences and you don't know mine. The other reason: its pretty condescending for a person to assume a position of expertise because they think they've 'been around'.
  4. Sloan -
    The other side of that coin is that we can only speak from our experiences. Trying to do otherwise is more of a problem. If someone's experience is that they don't own/carry a gun and have never felt a need, that is as valid a perspective as the person who is paranoid about being in the woods because they fear bears/cougars and by carrying a piece they feel secure. I won't deny either's experience and hope you wouldn't either.
  5. Richard-
    I view the posts made here that I call the "I have never experienced the desire for a side-arm and I've 'been around', therefore there is no reason for people to want to carry a gun" perspective aren't really interested in the flip side of the coin. Maye I'm reading too much into it, but it seems to be an end-argument. If it was "I feel this way , but I've been lucky", or 'but' anything, I admit it would be a different story. Instead, it seems that certain people are denying the experiences of people who do feel that a side-arm could be beneficial.

    For me, I try to take more of a 'tall fences make for good neighbors' prespective as far as politics and religion goes. THere are exceptions when it gets too loud on the other side of the fence, that I feel I need to get my hose. If you worship chickens on the other side of your fence and I don't have to hear or see it, go nuts. My experiences really don't matter.

    I do appreciate your openness, though.
  6. You "rest your case" based on one person's viewpoint? Or even that some other's have the same opinion? But you disregard the validity of others conclusions/decisions about this issue?
  7. Case? What Case? Allison chooses to use the buddy system instead of a firearm to keep herself safe. It is a valid method of self defense that has been around since man started walking the earth and still holds true today. Please direct me to a post where you wrote anything remotly related to that. Rest your case? Someone besides you makes an intellegent reply about something unrelated to your rants and somehow that validates your special ed esque ramblings about nothing? If you want to argue with me, fine. If you want to contine to personally threaten me over pms, fine. At least back up what you're saying with a semi-coherant thought process and debate whatever it is you wish to debate. I am not shy or offendable. I have been in heated arguments with members here, some to the point of namecalling and personal insults before. At least we all walked away from the argument with a new perspective on things and more knowledge in our heads than when we started. That is the point of all of these discussions. To improve ourselvs weather it be as fishermen, outsdoorsmen or, in general, human beings. I have asked you before and am asking again. If you do not wish to contribute anything other than insults and BS to this conversation please go away and save the babble you're spewing out for your shrink.

    freaking trolls
  8. I think that people get worked up over posts, like those by Nate, when sometimes it's difficult to determine exactly what the person is trying to say...but that's just the way it is with email, posts, etc...I guess I just read it a little differently than you did. Part of the 'curse' of the internet is that ones true intent might be lost. I can,however, see why you'd interpret it differently.
  9. Hey Nate, kinda ironic you use a Gonzo quote for your signature line, huh? Not trying to be a dick or anything, I just think it's funny.......[/QUOTE]

    Hey Guys,
    You kind of lost me. Excuse my ignorance, but who's "Gonzo"? :confused: :eek:

    I'm fairly new to this site/forum and maybe this is the way things get here. But I'm worried that the moderator is going to shut down this discussion because of the personal attacks and/or insults. It's starting to appear that nothing new is being added to the discussion. This has been the longest running thread I've seen. I'd hate to see it degrade into a petty squabble.
  10. Gonzo is a purple muppet with a big hooked nose that strongly resembles a TROLL. Looks sort of like a purple peril but it probably won't catch a steelhead. It may be good for baithooking tuna though. :D
  11. I apologize to those I have offended or got pissy with. A) people are reading way too much into my response and not getting the big picture of my opinion, which is just that B) I just don't agree with having to carry a gun around all the time and that is OK C) As I stated many times before it is about being responsible if you do carry!

    BTW...this is a tough group (or just a few individuals), and I think people need to consider the flip side before immediately planning your attack. Think of it this way if you shoot first most likely someone will shoot a pissy response back. If someone disagrees on any post here it becomes an immediate dooms day for them which doesn't seem to add the most value to these posts.
  12. About 10 years ago I was doing the late deer hunt in the Selkirks above Newport. I got caught in a nice snow storm. There was already a six inches or better snow on the ground, but I continued to hunt. I circled around behind myself to see if any deer were following me (white tails will do that). Anyway as I came across my tracks that I had just left in fresh snow they were joined by cougar tracks. I headed out into the middle of the closest clearcut as fast as I could go, watching my backside very carefully. Never did see the Kitty. But I had been stalked. Don't know how serious he was or how close he came to me but he was only a few minutes behind me at the most.

  13. In the most serious and respectful way possible...... are you condemning your own behavior now?
  14. Hmmm - I guess threads like this are how people get their post-counts up in the thousands. :)

    My only comment is that, while I don't "pack" while fishing, I've also considered what I'd do if a favorite steelhead run (or parking area) suddenly had a rash of incidents involving tweakers, attacks, or bear/cougar incidents.

    I like to fish alone and if I liked the spot enough, I might consider packing if I decided that made me feel safer. But fishing isn't about combat (for me), so I'd just as likely to start scouting for other places to fish.

    It's a choice we each get to make. If I did decide to carry a gun with me while fishing, I think Kent's suggestion would get a serious look.

    Fish On,

  15. After reading all these posts, I still can't conceive of why I might need a pistol while fishing. I spent 13 months in Viet Nam, carrying at least one weapon every blessed minute, and never once wished I had a fly rod.

    Now I've got like 30 years fly fishing the NW, usually in really remote areas, and never needed a weapon. The occasions when one might are a lot scarcer than you'd be led to believe, and there's usually a better way out.

    BTW, shooting people doesn't provide anywhere the warm and fuzzy you think it does when you're admiring your reflection in the mirror with your newest "ultimate fishing side arm".

    If you really want to play with guns, join the marines. I've done both and fishing wins every time.
  16. And after reading thru this thread I can't find one post where someone has stated it makes them feel warm and fuzzy to carry.

    What is the ultimate fishing sidearm? One that doesn't get used.

  17. No. Do you ever let up? Give it a break, man!
  18. Most people who enjoy and work in the outdoors never need to call a game warden, the police, search and rescue or to wish they had a weapon. However sometimes they do like the two women who were murdered while hiking at Pilchuck this year;

    It's your life, it's your call.

    My house has never had a fire, but I do have smoke alarms.
    No one's ever broken into my hoome, but I do lock the windows.
    I've never needed airbags in a car, but I bought a car that has 6.
    My house has never flooded but I have flood insurance.
    I've never fallen while on my road bike or motorcycle, yet I wear helmets.
    I've never gotten lost in the woods but I carry a compass, map &gps.
    I've never gotten hurt in the woods but I carry a whistle.

    If taking these precautions doesn't make me paranoid, why would taking reasonable steps to protect myself from a violent attack from human or animal make me paranoid? How would this somehow degrade others outdoor experiences?
  19. iagree Well said!

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