The Wenatchee's open for Chinook

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  1. When I whack hatchery steelhead in the upper Columbia tribs, their stomachs are almost always empty. Even during the big chinook spawn, I hardly even find eggs in the stomachs. Weird for fish that are otherwise pretty aggressive and grabby.
  2. There are genetic variances from area to area that can account for some runs of fish feeding more than others--probably relates to spawn timing and amount of time traveling to spawning grounds. Although it's bizarre that a steelhead would ignore eggs off spawning beds but still take whatever you're throwing at them :) I'd be interested to see what other Methow/Klick anglers come up with in stomach polls. As anglers we could probably provide a better picture of when/where/why and how fish are feeding than anyone else.

    I also think that the type of flies we use tend to get us certain types of fish. When I use caddis patterns or smaller hairwings, I get more fish with caddis in the stomach (and rocks, pieces of crawdads etc). When I use a flash taco or a MOAL, I seem to find empty stomachs more, but I also tend to get brighter fish. Of course my personal experiences are limited to the Kalama, but studies have been conducted on both pacific and atlantic salmonids affirming feeding habits after returning to freshwater.
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