Article The "what gun should I carry ?" in wolf, bear and tweeker country solved

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ribka, Nov 28, 2012.

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  2. Talking about firepower the other day I was pumping gas at the chevron station in Stanwood. On the other side of the pumps I see a old military jeep, it looked really nicely restored from what I saw of it between the pump island so I walked around to the other side to check it out. Couldn't believe what I saw on it. The jeep had two machine guns mounted on it. A 30 caliber on the dash on the passenger side and a M60 on a stand-up mount in the back. I asked the owner if they worked and he said they did, not full auto though. As long as he didn't have the ammo belts locked in he said it was cool with the cops. Pretty cool ride, just what you should have for driving anywhere south of Island Crossing.
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    Kind'a heavy.
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    It better come in .44 Mag if bear are going to be on that list. The perfect carry weapon for weight weenie fishermen who have to have the absolute lighest weight rod and reel, etc.
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    A 22 will work fine in bear country... if attacked by a bear, all you have to do is shoot your fishing partner in the leg.

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    When I lived in Alaska, there was a popular joke: If you choose to carry a .44 in bear country, make sure to file the front sight when that grizzly shoves it up your @$$, it won't hurt so bad.
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    It would be fun to try it out!
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    I want to see the youtube video of that thing firing. Gives "double tap" definition new direction.
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    Bitchin`, as we used to say... I want one!
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    That may be the stupidest weapon I have ever seen!
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    Ribka -
    I thought this would be more your style.

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    Haaaahahaha.... this has been the funniest thread in a long time.
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    I'd like to fire one just for the fun of it. But as someone with smaller hands, it really defeats the purpose of a 1911 for me.
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    Maybe Silencerco will start making a double barrel suppressor! May push the tax stamp up to $400.
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    I don't know if he owns it, but the foreman of a construction company that did a building for my company was driving that truck (in Mukilteo). I think it's a part of a club, as he drove some other cool restored mil-trucks. I didn't know the guns worked though, that's awesome! I'm pretty sure he had a tommy gun behind the seat, as well.