The Woods REALLY DO Have Eyes!!!!

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  1. I'm not chasing this fly. I'll sit on the bottom and wait things out.;)
  2. If you don't think they're necessary, get acquainted with some poachers over on this side of the mountains...Jason
  3. Really? Nice try...
  4. Too many loose ends, I'm wading knee deep in bullshit.
  5. You need to post this on some other sites (ones that probably have more poachers).
  6. This is no joke. The state of Washington in coordination with federal fish and wildlife has launched a new program called "Poach Hammered: Get Nailed". We all know that poaching in western Washington is part of the culture, but toss in excess drink and you've taken it way too far. You drink and poach, you're gonna lose.
  7. Gets better all the time.
  8. Something tells me we've seen the last of JayB. :cool:
  9. Wow, how kool!.. How long do you think it will take for the officer to get a photograph of a Sasquatch?
  10. They (The FEDS) will only release it if hes caught poaching!:thumb:
  11. I dont get it, was he trespassing also? Did the camera record him fishing or just get his plates as he was driving out? Anyways ditch that dirtbag or he's gonna get you in trouble one day. Been there reguarding NFR incedents.
  12. I have guys working in occupied buildings (construction), and we talk about this in our saftey meetings. When you knock on a door, stand to the side you never know what the resident will do.

    Oh and yes, how many different ways can you spell moron and idiot.

    I dont get it, was he trespassing also? Did the camera record him fishing or just get his plates as he was driving out?

    A responsible individual probably called it in.
  13. I think I just lost about 10 IQ points from reading this thread...
  14. I saw a camera once when I was busting brush to get to my favorite fishing hole on Deer Creek. I left right away.
  15. How long would a camera run on a battery? An hour? More for small cameras. Small cameras don't have the detail to pick up license numbers. Don't tell me they are the best cameras you can get. Uncle Sam doesn't work that way. Plus you would have to line up your shots and it would only work if they park where the camera is pointed or fish where it's pointed. And the number one reason this is bullshit, the tweakers would take the cameras and sell them. Hell, if I saw one out there I'd take it and post it online as a lost and found item in the classifieds.

    More than likely agents are more than aware of your friends poaching problem. Without evidence, they decided to stop by and rattle his cage.
  16. :rolleyes: where's a shovel when 'ya need one? I didn't know the "Feds" had a poaching inforcement program.

  17. Someone should write a program called "Trash Pump" that automatically recognizes bullshit and pumps it out of the forum. That would clear up some server memory!
  18. I did write the post on this thread hastily and at work with my boss not far away so excuse the quick and vague nature but it is seriously SERIOUSLY true.

    The details I am not so sure about. I heard it several days after the fact and my buddy trumps things up but it was a fed, he had a vest, he had some official looking vehicle, I admit the plate thing sounds kind of implausable. My buddy wouldn't lie and he had the tickets and showed me.

    It is seriously seriously not a troll anything like that.

    Okay some responses, I had band practice last night so that is why I haven't repled.

    First, the agent mostly busts Indian poachers who use nets, that is his main job, not targeting sporty C&R poachers. I know both both kinds of poachers piss us off but you have to admit there is a difference. My buddy never kills a thing and fishes just like we do. The agent wears the vests because he has to arrest some shady folks on the reservation and maybe even some shady folks off and give them BIG BIG BIG fines. You know all the illegal nets being found on Nooksack some threads have talked about? That is his main priority.

    Again, my buddy told me all of this, he said he talked to the agent for a long time getting information and the agent was completely okay with that because he WANTS word to get out. Obviously, the fear of being caught goes a lot further than his actual interventions ever would.

    Second, why do you guys think it would be so hard to catch a poacher at his secret spot? The agent admitted he is a big time fishermen and dislikes poachers immensely. He also fishes around here. It really wouldn't be that hard to find the stretches away from the road that poachers sneak around in because they are the ones away from the road. Just walk the river or float it a few times posing as a poacher for one. I know you have to be highly intelligent to be a federal agent so quit insulting the man's intelligence.

    Third, why do you guys find it crazy that I have a friend who poaches? He is a good guy and is hilarious. He is also a crazy good fly fisherman. He has many flaws like anybody else including taking risks for the rush of it. I agree it is annoying. I have argued with him about it many times in the past. MANY MANY TIMES. I have never even considered going with him or anything like that. If you guys would give up a long time friend because he fishes closed water 5 days out of the year I think you are being extreme.

    Fourth, why is it so hard to believe that my buddy would be relieved about an agent partolling the area? Even though he got caught, he knows that there will be justice for all those illegal nets with dead rotting natives in their mesh that many of us find on the Nooksack with staggering regularity.

    Also, as you may have now realized it happened on the Nooksack, and some of the oldeboy locals Indian or not treat it like SHIT. I have heard some of the most bizarre things said of the river like it deserves to be treated like a trash dump and its fish pilleged. The river could definately use some help from someone who isn't afraid to step on some toes, is willing to work in a bulletproof vest, and can shoot straight.

    Lastly, as far as the cameras and their specs/details; maybe the agent just stakes out under camo and made cameras up to give people more fear. Afterall, 10 tiny digital eyes is a lot scarier to a would be poacher than 2 human eyes on an entire river system.

    Also, whatever my buddy told me, was what the agent told him. Take it for what it is worth, the point of this thread is to let you know he is out there, and he is busting people, and is ready to do some dirty work for the good of the fish we all cherish.

    And again, not a troll, not bullshit. I am being dead serious.
  19. WOW...why is everyone hating on this guy? Even if it is a lie it's a lie worth telling if it gets people to purchase a license and follow regs.
  20. Well I've never seen the fed while out and about. I run into everyone at over a hundred days a year. And I know all the poaching holes. I would love to show him (the federal agent) what I know. Why don't you see if you can get the name of the agent. I'll contact him and show him where they are killing them right now. So PM me with info to contact him.

    I don't hate anyone.

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