The Woods REALLY DO Have Eyes!!!!

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  1. This is the strangest thread yet.
    O.K. Jason B I believe you.
    It's about time somebody (Fed/State) was out there enforcing the game and fish laws.
    I say go get'em and throw the book at'em.
    I know someone who fishes like your friend? (C&R poacher my ass) He bonks'em and eats'em.
    I won't call this guy a friend and I would not go fishing with him even in open waters. Just my .02
  2. "Even if it is a lie it's a lie worth telling if it gets people to" invade Iraq and depose a dictator who won't give us favorable oil contracts.

    Bangel, it's a slippery slope.

    Lying aside, if Jason's story is true, I applaud the agency that is working FOR us honest fishermen trying to conserve the resource we love so much.

    As for the micro-camera technology, that's no problem. Wildlife biologists (and law-enforcement) have been using micro-video for years now. Resolution is good and batteries are up to the task, especially if equipped with motion sensors to conserve battery life when not needed.

  3. I revoke my previous statement. I use motion sensored trail cameras all the time for scouting whitetails, elk, and turkeys before archery seasons. They are kind of spooky as you don't notice them. They also work great. I really do believe this story now, I mean it is logical that there's a fulltime agent working on one of the most heavily poached streams in the region. Thanks for letting us all know what's being done Jason.
  4. I whole heartedly agree Richard, lying is a slippery slope, but I felt like people were focusing on a negative issue and not the positive lesson to be learned from this story, true or not.
  6. One time, at band camp. . .
  7. I mean band practice as in a ROCK AND ROLL BAND.........You know what I mean?.... The kind of band all of you WISH you were in if you aren't already. :p
  8. It is true you guys! Why the hell would I make this up and post it on a fly fishing site of all places?
  9. Yeah, there would be no reason for J to drag it on this long unless he was serious.
  10. there are cameras in the woods. see the attached pic...


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  11. That is an awesome shot Tyler. It almost gave me the chills going up my back.

  12. did you take that?
  13. thanks, doug. i sat there for days waiting...:rofl: just kidding. was taken by a game camera in montana. stay off the game trails at night.

  14. Sweet mother of God, that is great!
  15. Hey, isn't that cougar poaching?
  16. Richard, there's really no need to open that can of worms unless you actually want to eat them. I don't think anyone else is gonna bite. :p

  17. That deer is in deep do do, thanks for the picture
  18. I'm still waiting for the Sasquatch photos.... :rolleyes:
  19. Yeah, jesus, why do some people turn EVERYTHING into a half-ass excuse to bash the Bush administration. I can hardly think of another topic on this board that could have less to do with how 'Stalin and Bush are so alike'. I'm so sick of that popping into conversations that it has nothing to do with. This is a FLY FISHING forum.

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